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2012-06-19 23:03:47

Making assumptions about the similarity of outcomes between laboratory species and humans is often disappointing after much investment of time and cost. Entelos´ ability to explain these phenomena through mechanism-based predictions is revolutionizing a fundamental translational research challenge. San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2012 Metabolism PhysioLab® Used to Compare Rodent to Human Data and Predict How and Why They Differ Entelos, a premier provider of in silico modeling and...

2012-03-21 14:10:32

New Study Reveals Wide Variance in Results from Thai Million Baht Village Fund Large-scale microfinance programs are widely used as a tool to fight poverty in developing countries, but a recent study from the Consortium on Financial Systems and Poverty suggests that they can have varying results for participants and may be the most cost-effective use of funds only in limited situations. The Thai Million Baht Village Fund is one of the largest government microfinance initiatives of its...

2012-03-06 11:12:42

Modeling biological systems can provide key insights for scientists and medical researchers, but periodic cycles that repeat themselves — so-called oscillatory systems — pose some key challenges. Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new method for estimating the parameters used in such models — which may advance modeling in research areas ranging from cancer to fertility. “These oscillatory systems are found in everything from mechanisms...

2012-02-23 14:15:00

2012 is the UN International Year for Cooperatives. To celebrate this, the Spanish Node of The Millennium Project has initiated a global study on the future of business organization models and factors that may change them. (PRWEB) February 23, 2012 A panel of international experts are being selected around the world to assess how factors such as globalization, rich-poor gap, CSR, worker participation models, and new forms of finance may change the face of business in general and...

2012-02-02 18:00:53

The world can deliver sudden and nasty shocks. Economies can crash, fisheries can collapse, and climates can pass tipping points. Providing early warning of such changes currently requires the collection of enormous and often prohibitive amounts of data. A new method developed by Steven Lade from the Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Germany and Thilo Gross from the University of Bristol in the UK could change this. In a paper published in the open-access journal PLoS...

2012-01-25 12:39:56

Unemployment time series in Spain behave in a chaotic way according to a study at the University of Seville. Such chaos demonstrates the complex and unpredictable nature of the Spanish labor market in the long run. However, short term patterns can be predicted using complex mathematical models. "Using mathematical techniques we have found evidence of chaos in unemployment time series in Spain. In theory, this explains why unemployment trends are so unstable," outlines Elena Olmedo,...

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