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2010-06-04 13:34:43

A team of researchers from several collaborating Baylor University research centers and from Japan's Okayama Graduate School of Medicine have found a way to more consistently isolate pancreatic islet cells from brain dead donors using ductal injection (DI), a process that immediately cools donor islet cells at the injection site. The more successful islet isolation process resulted in the three type 1-diabetes patients, who received islet cell transplants, becoming insulin independent. Their...

2008-10-16 09:00:43

DiaKine Therapeutics, a development-stage company commercializing immune modulators for the treatment of diabetes and related complications, has announced that a Phase II clinical trial with the company's lead drug candidate, Lisofylline, is underway. The trial is part of the Clinical Islet Transplantation (CIT) Consortium created by National Institutes of Health (NIH). The protocol, CIT-02, will focus on treating islets pre-transplant, and recipients - during and post-transplant - with...

2008-10-14 09:00:11

DiaKine Therapeutics, developers of drugs designed to cause diabetes to go into remission, announced today that a Phase 2 Clinical Trial with the Company's lead drug candidate, Lisofylline (LSF), is underway. Use of LSF may improve the long-term success of transplanting islets (the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas) into people with type 1 diabetes. The trial is part of the Clinical Islet Transplantation (CIT) Consortium created by National Institutes of Health. The protocol,...

2005-06-07 17:10:43

A Davidson woman has been successfully treated for her Type 1 diabetes through a procedure performed at Carolinas Medical Center. Paul F. Gores, M.D., has led a multi-disciplinary team through a series of three pancreatic islet cell transplants since the summer of 2003. The result is a patient who is now insulin-free. "This is a giant step for diabetes research, our transplant team, our patient, and all Type 1 diabetics," said Dr. Gores. "I can't tell you how exciting it is to be a part of...

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