Latest Effect of caffeine on memory Stories

2009-03-30 23:15:54

Caffeine-naive individuals and habitual users have the same amount of reduction in pain during exercise after caffeine consumption, U.S.

2009-01-13 15:00:00

Tampa, Seattle and Chicago were named the three most caffeinated cities in the US, according to the second-annual HealthSaver Caffeinated Cities Survey.

2008-12-26 12:32:25

A U.S. study in mice shows one dose of caffeine -- two cups of coffee -- ingested during pregnancy may reduce heart function for the child's lifetime.

2008-09-17 21:00:20

By Lydia Gehring During a change of routine many people change their intake of caffeinated beverages. They may miss their morning coffee or perhaps increase their intake of caffeinated soda pops.

2008-01-28 10:55:00

Daily consumption of caffeine in coffee, tea or soft drinks increases blood sugar levels for people with type 2 diabetes and may undermine efforts to control their disease, say scientists at Duke University Medical Center.

2008-01-22 19:40:00

Research published in separate medical journals this week suggests conflicting findings in relation to caffeine and health. One of these claims that caffeine may lower the risk of ovarian cancer. However, the other study shows that it doubles the chances of miscarriage. What both studies agree on is that a person’s health may be directly impacted by the amount of caffeine he or she consumes.

2007-01-09 17:05:00

Although it’s too soon to recommend dropping by Starbucks before hitting the gym, a new study suggests that caffeine can help reduce the post-workout soreness that discourages some people from exercising.

2006-03-29 13:20:00

Energy drinks that promise to boost performance and rev up metabolism can contain three to four times as much caffeine as a typical soda, a new study shows.

2006-01-18 08:05:00

Having a coffee fix just before a workout may not be the best idea, a new study suggests. Researchers in Switzerland found that the amount of caffeine in just two cups of coffee limits the body's ability to increase blood flow to the heart during exercise.

2005-12-16 12:28:57

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women who are both hooked on caffeine and have a family history of alcoholism may have an especially tough time giving up their morning coffee during pregnancy, a small study has found.

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