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2014-05-29 08:27:05

NEW YORK, May 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- There is a fascinating story loved by many girls about MARIANNE! A French designer named Yves was crazy about designing special swimwear for girls. One day, he went to Paris to visit a friend. On his way, he walked along the Seine River. Bathed in sunlight, he was so enamored with the tranquil beauty along the Seine River that he almost forgot the time. Suddenly, the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower in the river woke him up! The strong contours of...

2014-03-31 08:25:26

MONTREAL, March 31, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ - Gustave Eiffel's famous tower, built for the 1889 Paris World Fair, turns 125 this year. WREBBIT(®), in collaboration with its fans, retailers and distributors from all over the world, is marking this milestone anniversary by immortalizing this Paris landmark in a truly special way. Join the tour! The "Wrebbit 3D(TM) Eiffel 125th Anniversary World Tour(TM)" event is WREBBIT's inimitable way of inviting fans from all over the globe to give...

2014-01-24 23:00:33

The Eiffel Web Framework (EWF) provides the EiffelStudio IDE with a layer to build webservices such as websites, web API, communication on http (client or server). This layer is set on top of well known servers such as Appache2, IIS, but it comes also with its standalone server, written with EiffelStudio, which enables EiffelStudio users to build a server very quickly, embed it in any system written with EiffelStudio and benefit of all the advantages of EiffelStudio. Goleta (PRWEB) January...

2014-01-16 23:30:49

The Eiffel Information System (EIS) provides a unified mechanism for linking development objects - e.g., classes and features - of Eiffel systems with external information resources such as Web pages, pdf documents, Microsoft Word documents, Eiffel tools. It contributes to the advantage brought by the Single Product Principle which considers a software system as a single product which is expected to be repeatedly refined, extended, and improved in a predictable and controllable way so as...

2013-08-01 15:49:33

In this month's edition of Physics World, a group of physicists describe how unique structures in the natural world are inspiring scientists to develop new types of materials with unprecedented properties. From adhesive tape inspired by the toes of geckos to a potential flaw-resistant coating of aeroplanes inspired by mother of pearl, the attractiveness centers on one concept -- hierarchical design. When materials have a hierarchical design, the overall structure is made up of much...

2013-03-05 23:03:20

Focus on Unicode for global software in a global world when building predictable and controllable applications is key to the success of your company and the satisfaction of your customers Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) March 05, 2013 Unicode, defined and standardized, by the Unicode Consortium enables people to use computers in any language and form the foundation for software internalization in all major operating systems, search engines, applications, and the Web. It is therefore a must for...

2012-10-19 04:03:29

Introducing a new line of fine jewelry containing a genuine piece of The Eiffel Tower (Paris, France 1889) Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 18, 2012 Korbella (meaning “beautiful heart”) and Korbella.com launches with the mission of creating beautiful fine jewelry to inspire dreams and capture your personal and treasured Eiffel Tower memories. To commemorate these moments, Korbella acquired a rare artifact–an actual staircase section from the Eiffel Tower, built in 1889 in...

Word of the Day
  • Like a worm in form or movement; vermiform; tortuous or sinuous; also, writhing or wriggling.
  • Like the track or trace of a worm; appearing as if worm-eaten; vermiculate.
  • Marked with fine, close-set, wavy or tortuous lines of color; vermiculated.
  • A form of rusticated masonry which is so wrought as to appear thickly indented with worm-tracks.
This word ultimately comes from the Latin 'vermis,' worm.