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2008-06-18 06:10:00

EIN GEDI, Israel -- Southeast of Jerusalem, past fields of date palms, majestic Judean Desert mesas, a couple of security checkpoints and, if you're lucky, some goat-herding Bedouins sits one of the must-see destinations for any tourist in Israel. Glistening beneath a sun that shines about 330 days a year is the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth, which happens to also be one of the highest when it comes to restorative value. The healing and therapeutic powers of its mineral-rich water --...

2006-06-08 07:10:00

By Tali Caspi EIN GEDI, Israel (Reuters) - These days, a cart takes visitors from Israel's Ein Gedi resort to the edge of the Dead Sea. Twenty years ago, tourists stepped right onto the shore. The Dead Sea, the lowest point on the Earth's surface, is shrinking as its salty waters rapidly dry up. With no clear solution to the problem, environmentalists and tourist businesses are worried. "Every time I come here the beach is further and further away. One day there will only be a puddle left,"...

2006-06-01 07:56:29

By Jonathan Saul and Elana Ringler KIBBUTZ EIN GEDI, Israel (Reuters) - Taking a deep puff on his cigarette, Sudanese refugee Sanka says sneaking across the desert border from Egypt into Israel was perilous, but worth it -- despite being sent to jail. "There were Israeli and Egyptian soldiers on both sides. I could have been shot at any time as that place is a firing zone," said Sanka, now taking refuge in this quiet Israeli communal farm overlooking the crystal waters of the Dead...

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Nubian Ibex, Capra nubiana
2012-06-25 17:01:54

The Nubian ibex (Capra nubiana) is a species of goat that can be found in the deserts of Oman, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, among other places. It prefers a habitat within rocky mountainous areas of its range. Typically, it is classified as a subspecies of the alpine ibex, but it has been classified as its own species occasionally. Groups of Nubian ibex, either all males or all females, are active during the day and can be seen feeding on leaves and grasses. Common predators...

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