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2014-01-27 23:03:48

This report from BCC Research provides an overview of the emerging memresistor and related technologies (e.g., memcapacitors and meminductors) market, identifies those that are most likely to achieve significant commercial sales in the next five years to 10 years (2013 to 2023), and develops quantitative estimates of potential sales. Wellesley, MA (PRWEB) January 27, 2014 According to a new technical market research report, Global Markets for Circuit Elements with Memory: Memresistors,...

2011-05-16 14:26:36

Researchers at Hewlett Packard and the University of California, Santa Barbara, have analysed in unprecedented detail the physical and chemical properties of an electronic device that computer engineers hope will transform computing. Memristors, short for memory resistors, are a newly understood circuit element for the development of electronics and have inspired experts to seek ways of mimicking the behaviour of our own brains' activity inside a computer. Research, published today, Monday,...

2009-06-04 15:33:54

U.S. scientists have found a way to build a flexible memory component that might lead to electronic memory chips that can bend and twist. National Institute of Standards and Technology researchers led by Nadine Gergel-Hackett said the device is promising, not only because of its potential applications in medicine and other fields, but because it also appears to possess the characteristics of a memristor -- a component theorized in 1971 as a fourth fundamental circuit element along with the...

2009-06-03 08:38:31

Electronic memory chips may soon gain the ability to bend and twist as a result of work by engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). As reported in the July 2009 issue of IEEE Electron Device Letters,* the engineers have found a way to build a flexible memory component out of inexpensive, readily available materials.Though not yet ready for the marketplace, the new device is promising not only because of its potential applications in medicine and other fields,...

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