Latest Electronic Privacy Information Center Stories

2014-04-01 16:27:12

Joins Other Public Interest Groups In Spelling Out Six Requirements For Big Data Policy SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Consumer Watchdog has told the White House Team studying the Obama Administration's policy towards "Big Data" that "people must be able to know what information is gathered about them, how long it is kept and for what the information will be used." Consumer Watchdog also joined 21 other public interest groups in a statement to the...

Privacy Groups File Complaint Over Facebook, WhatsApp Deal
2014-03-07 13:58:28

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Two privacy groups have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission saying Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp could be an unfair trade practice, according to a Bloomberg report. The Electronic Privacy Information Center and Center for Digital Democracy claim that the purchase is unfair because users of the messaging services had an expectation that their data would not be collected for advertising purposes. Facebook first...

Facebook Gets Flak From Privacy Groups
2013-09-05 09:23:27

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Less than a week after Facebook announced potential new changes to their Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, privacy advocates are still crying 'foul.' Six organizations have sent a letter of complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about the proposed changes to these documents, changes which the social network was forced to make following the $20 million end to a class action lawsuit. According to...

Google To Pay $7M Fine For Street View Privacy Violations
2013-03-13 05:23:41

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Google has agreed to pay a $7 million fine for gathering emails, passwords, web histories and other personal data from unsuspecting home wireless users during its Street View mapping project. The fine will be split between 37 states and the District of Columbia, with each receiving $192,000. Google also agreed to destroy the personal data it gathered as its Street View cars photographed neighborhoods from 2008 to 2010. It will...

Facial Recognition Software Gets Wary Thumbs-Down By Senator
2012-07-19 13:21:46

John Neumann for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online The use of facial recognition technologies is growing, both for law enforcement use and in social networks such as Facebook and Google+. The increasing use of such technology has members of the US Senate concerned over privacy and civil liberties with its use, writes Dara Kerr for CNET. Minnesota Senator Al Franken said that in law enforcement, the use of facial recognition “will catch criminals,” but “could come at...

NSA, Google Cyberattack Records To Remain Sealed, Court Rules
2012-05-14 03:17:53

Federal officials are not required to disclose National Security Agency (NSA) records related to a 2010 cyberattack on Google users in China under the Freedom of Information Act, an appeals court ruled on Friday. The original request for communications records of discussions between the NSA and the Mountain View, California-based tech company was made by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a privacy advocacy and civil liberties organization. However, the agency said that they...

Google Has To Answer More Uncomfortable Questions
2012-04-18 04:31:06

On its surface, the idea of Google Street View seemed like a good one. Users could see their directions rather than read them from a list. However, the methods used to capture this data are inciting questions once more from privacy watchdogs and federal agencies, questions Google isn´t too keen on answering. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has censured Google for obstructing an inquiry into the Street View project. As the specially equipped and Google-branded cars drove...

A Contrarian Dissection Of The Web Privacy Debate
2012-03-28 10:12:22

Jedidiah Becker for RedOrbit.com Though it's not likely to garner the frenzied flurry of public attention enjoyed by January's wildly unpopular SOPA-PIPA anti-piracy legislation (R.I.P.), another critical Internet issue has been seized upon by D.C. politicrats in recent months, and they're hard at work in their efforts to whip up public indignation over it. That issue goes by the euphemistic misnomer "Web privacy," and unbeknownst to most people it could affect the future of the...

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