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2012-03-23 23:00:44

This St. Patrick´s Day weekend at the first Red Bull LAN of its 2012 performance camp season, the best of the best of eSports athletes proved that training, not the luck of the Irish, is the key to reaching the gaming pot of gold. Over the course of the three day invitational training camp, top professional players from Blizzard Entertainment´s global eSports staple, StarCraft® II and competitive players of Halo: Reach engaged in intense, focused practice in a specially-created...

2012-03-17 23:02:47

Elite e-Sport athletes aren´t just gifted competitors–they are dedicated athletes that train relentlessly to achieve the pinnacle of their game. Red Bull Gaming announced Orlando as the first stop on their 2012 Red Bull LAN invitation-only performance camp circuit, geared to provide leading and emerging e-Sports athletes with the tools, time, and training to prepare them for professional gaming competitions throughout the 2012 season. Kicking off in Orlando, March 16-18 at Full...

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