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2012-04-12 23:01:02

Wayne M. Adams is a Senior Technologist and Director of Standards within the Office of the CTO, responsible for expanding and managing EMC technology initiatives with the industry standards bodies. Herndon, VA (PRWEB) April 12, 2012 The Green IT Council is proud to announce another speaker for the Green IT and Cloud Computing Summit 2012. Wayne M. Adams is a Senior Technologist and Director of Standards within the Office of the CTO, responsible for expanding and managing EMC technology...

2012-04-11 23:01:16

Info-Tech Research Group´s Backup Software Vendor Landscape Report lists EMC (Data Domain), Quantum and ExaGrid as Champions in a market that is poised for a major shift London, ON (PRWEB) April 10, 2012 A recent Vendor Landscape report on Disk Backup, published by Info-Tech Research Group, ranked EMC (Data Domain), Quantum, and ExaGrid as market Champions. The market for backup storage is in flux, as the switch from tape to disk-based backup has attracted a number of viable new...

2012-04-02 23:01:18

The applications for Emerging Markets Communications´ (EMC´s) HD Connect empowered by the Temasys Vidyo Cloud are vast. From desert locations deep in Asia and oil rigs in the Pacific to ocean going maritime vessels and land locked remote mining facilities, videoconferencing for medical, engineering, operations and other reasons is finally affordable, high quality and feasible. Technically, the solution is simple, yet very powerful and robust. No special video equipment is...

2012-04-02 23:01:01

IBM, OpenText, EMC and Laserfiche rank as Champions in the Enterprise Content Management Vendor Landscape reports. With a wide range of capability in the market, the reports highlight acquisitions and mobile innovation as market drivers. London, ON (PRWEB) April 02, 2012 Info-Tech Research Group recently released Vendor Landscape reports on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for both Process Workers and the Knowledge Workers. Ongoing consolidation and the rapid growth in mobile technology...

2012-03-26 23:00:38

Info-Tech Research Group finds Dell, NetApp, HP and EMC Champions of the Consolidated Storage Market and highlights cost savings in a tiered storage strategy London, ON (PRWEB) March 26, 2012 Info-Tech Research Group´s recently released Consolidated Storage Vendor Landscape report names Dell, NetApp, EMC and HP as market Champions. The report states that the only constant in enterprise storage seems to be that we always need more. Storage vendors are adding more capacity and...

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