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2013-08-07 23:22:02

Relief from anxiety, stress, phobias and public speaking angst is discussed today on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio with 20 Tools for Overcoming Anxieties and Fears. Available at blogtalkradio.com/dr-carol-francis2012/10/08/anxiety-fear-social-phobia-fear-of-public-speaking-shy Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 07, 2013 Nothing stops people from progressing in life more quickly than anxiety, fear, social fears, fear of speaking in public, socializing in groups, or the overwhelming feelings of...

2013-08-06 23:24:01

Social Media Makes Sharing Happiness Happier. Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 06, 2013 The Secret Society of Happy People will celebrate the 14th Annual Happens Day on August 8th with a social media event, HappyThon2013, to encourage chats about online happiness. “The day originally began to encourage people to talk more about happiness,” says Society Founder Pamela Gail Johnson. “We even got proclamations from 19 governors in 1999 to make it feel official.” After the first year, per...

2013-08-05 08:04:09

A person playing a first-person shooter video game like Halo or Unreal Tournament must make decisions quickly. That fast-paced decision-making, it turns out, boosts the player's visual skills but comes at a cost, according to new research: reducing the person's ability to inhibit impulsive behavior. This reduction in what is called "proactive executive control" appears to be yet another way that violent video games can increase aggressive behavior. "We believe that any game that requires...

2013-07-31 23:21:14

Survey Marks ‘Romance Awareness Month’; Uncovers How Men and Women Experience Romance in Very Different Ways San Francisco, California (PRWEB) July 31, 2013 In honor of August’s Romance Awareness Month, the creators of Couple, the most widely used relationship app in the U.S., conducted a new survey of over 2000 men and women who are currently in relationships. Focusing on several indicators around the role of romance in survey respondents’ relationships, findings indicate that...

Human Genes React Positively To Happiness
2013-07-30 09:45:55

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online It's long been suggested by motivational speakers and proponents of alternative medicine alike that simply thinking positively and doing good for others could have a dramatic effect on mind, body and soul. Now research teams from UCLA and the University of North Carolina (UNC) say there may be tangible, physical proof human cells really do react positively to happiness and a benevolent spirit. According to the research, people who...

2013-07-29 23:28:44

Pregnancy and infant loss remains a taboo subject in our society and demands awareness. Women from around the world have told their stories and unfortunately continue to fight an uphill battle for support, but there is hope and there are those who hope to break this trend with new businesses and resources to offer that support. Manchester, NJ (PRWEB) July 28, 2013 Businesses are born in all sorts of ways for all sorts of reasons. But what happens when a business is born from tragedy and...

2013-07-29 23:21:18

Happiness Happens Month Starts the Habit of Happiness Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 29, 2013 The Secret Society of Happy People will celebrate the 13th Annual Happens Month beginning August 1. “The purpose of Happiness Happens Month is to encourage people to talk more about happiness every day in August.” says Society Founder Pamela Gail Johnson. “After 31 days of noticing more happiness you’ve laid the foundation to notice it for the rest of the year.” The Society provides general...

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2013-12-24 09:20:10

Ophidiophobia or ophiophobia is a particular form of specific phobia, the abnormal fear of snakes. Fear of snakes is occasionally referred to as a more general term, herpetophobia, fear of reptiles and/or amphibians. The word comes from the Greek ophis, which is in reference to snakes and phobia, meaning fear. Numerous symptoms are common among ophidiophobes including a feeling of uncontrollable anxiety when thinking about or are exposed to snakes, the feeling that you must do everything...

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