Latest Endorphin Stories

2009-09-10 10:01:29

Agonizing physical pain, known as vaso-occlusive pain, can afflict children who have sickle cell disease (SCD).

2009-08-11 08:30:00

SAN FRANCISCO and OXFORD, England, Aug. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- NaturalMotion, the animation technology and game development studio behind the euphoria engine, will be attending both GDC Europe and gamescom in Cologne, Germany from Tuesday 18(th) - Friday 21(st) August 2009.

2009-03-20 13:18:25

New research shows for a good “buzz,” a couple of alcoholic drinks will do the trick. Too many, however, will have an opposite effect.

2009-03-20 11:01:39

A study of rodents confirmed that low-to-moderate levels of alcohol alter beta-endorphins producing a general feeling of well-being, Canadian researchers said. Corresponding author Christina Gianoulakis of McGill University in Montreal said alcohol may increase or decrease the release and the synthesis of endogenous opioid peptides -- endorphins released during excitement, pain and orgasm -- in distinct brain regions important for drug addiction. Some of the functions of opioid peptides are...

2009-02-12 03:00:00

LONDON, February 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Ideaworks3D Ltd, developer of the cross-platform Airplay(TM) SDK for advanced native mobile games and applications, today launched the Airplay Partners Program by making NaturalMotion's morpheme(TM) available for iPhone and smartphone platforms. Airplay is a unique cross-platform technology for creating best-in-class native applications on mobile and handheld devices, enabling developers to build a single application binary and deploy it unmodified to...

2008-09-09 15:00:00

By BOB GROVES, STAFF WRITER New Jersey could be harmful to your hormones, say scientists launching a program to study social and environmental links to glandular disease.

2008-07-09 18:00:35

Women with a particular genetic make-up could be at greater risk of becoming dependent on alcohol, German and Swedish researchers suggest.

2008-07-09 14:15:00

German-Swedish study underpins the role that endorphins play in ethanol dependence

2008-03-03 12:40:00

Throughout the world, amateurs, experts and the media agree that prolonged jogging raises people's spirits. And many believe that the body’s own opioids, so called endorphins, are the cause of this. But in fact this has never been proved until now.

2006-02-28 12:20:00

By Megan Rauscher NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Opioid hormones, which are naturally produced by the body to reduce pain, may be involved in changes in both pain sensitivity and blood pressure among people with early-stage hypertension.

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