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2011-09-01 14:20:00

PARK RIDGE, N.J., Sept. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NUS Consulting Group, the world's leading provider of energy management solutions to businesses and energy intensive organizations, announced today that it has acquired Viking Energy Management, L.L.C., a private company, specializing in risk management and energy procurement. Viking Energy Management is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today's increased economic uncertainty, energy price volatility and developing carbon emissions...

2008-09-26 03:00:30

By Badiru, Adedeji Energy requirements planning must drive future product development ENERGY IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF commerce, industry, services - essentially all that we do, so we cannot afford to be lackadaisical about energy issues. Energy consciousness and awareness have heightened dramatically in recent times due to price escalation in several sectors of the economy. Our energy-intensive economy is feeling the pinch from all corners; therefore, managing energy effectively is of paramount...

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2012-04-03 19:03:15

Siderastreidae is a family of colonial, reef building stony corals. Members of this family include symbiotic algae in their tissues which help provide their energy requirements. The World Register of Marine Species lists 7 genera within this family: Anomastraea, Coscinaraea, Craterastrea, Horastrea, Psammocora, Pseudosiderastrea, and Siderastrea. Corals in this family vary in form and include massive, thickly encrusting, columnar, and irregular forms. Corallites are linked by flowing...

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