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Overfishing Leaves Fisherman Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel In The English Channel
2014-07-14 03:07:45

Decades of overfishing in the English Channel has resulted in the removal of many top predators from the sea and left fishermen 'scraping the barrel' for increasing amounts of shellfish to make up their catch.

American IT Manager Forced To End Cross-Atlantic Cluster Balloon Flight
2013-09-13 07:22:46

A six-day, 2500-mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean in a cluster array of helium balloons was forced to end early due to technical problems, according to people associated with the adventure.

2012-07-26 23:00:27

English Channel swimmer and Swim Smooth Coach Paul Newsome spoke to Effortless Swimming’s Brenton Ford about hissuccessful freestyle technique that has made him a leading expert in his field.

2011-04-08 14:42:04

A rare World War II Nazi aircraft has been discovered at the bottom of the English Channel, and a British museum wants to raise it.

2010-11-06 08:00:00

Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy jumped from a hot-air balloon Friday and completed two aerial loops by using his custom-made jet-propelled wingsuit.

2009-10-09 14:45:00

A new study by researchers at the University of Southampton has found that sea levels have been rising across the south coast of England over the past century, substantially increasing the risk of flooding during storms.

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2012-04-10 18:54:50

White Sea Urchin (Echinus acutus), is a species of sea urchin in the Echinidae family. It is found in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel at depths up to 330 feet below sea level. It is found mainly on coarse substrates with mud and gravel. The White Sea Urchin grows to a diameter of 6 inches. The test (shell) is circular in cross section but rises conically to the apex (tip) of the shell. This species is generally reddish-brown or green...

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