Latest Enterobacteria phage T4 Stories

2011-12-07 10:33:36

New discovery bonds to anthrax spores, not just anthrax bacteria A new study has shown previously unseen details of an anthrax bacteriophage – a virus that infects anthrax bacteria – revealing for the first time how it infects its host, and providing an initial blueprint for how the phage might someday be modified into a tool for the detection and destruction of anthrax and other potential bioterror agents. The bacteriophage, known as Bacillus anthracis spore-binding phage...

2011-04-25 16:12:33

Recently a research paper titled "Expanding the Diversity of Mycobacteriophages: Insights into Genome Architecture and Evolution" was published in PLoS ONE, a peer-reviewed online journal published by the Public Library of Science. The authors included 12 Washington University undergraduates who had participated as freshman in the inaugural Phage Hunters course at Washington University in St. Louis. Phages are viruses that infect bacteria by injecting genetic material into them with a...

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