Latest Enteropathy Stories

2014-06-10 23:12:41

Entera Health, Inc. Announces Study Published Outlining the Mechanism of Action for EnteraGam™ (Bovine Immunoglobulin Isolate) Cary, NC (PRWEB) June 10, 2014 Entera Health, Inc. announced today a paper entitled, Serum-Derived Bovine Immunoglobulin Protein Isolate: Postulated Mechanism of Action for Management of Enteropathy, authored by Bryon W. Petschow, PhD; Bruce P. Burnett, PhD; Audrey L. Shaw, PhD; Eric M. Weaver, PhD; and Gerald L. Klein, MD has been published in the journal...

2014-03-18 23:28:39

The Levin, Papantonio law firm has filed a Benicar lawsuit on behalf of a Texas man who suffered sprue-like enteropathy while using the blood pressure medication Benicar. Pensacola, FL (PRWEB) March 18, 2014 A Texas man has filed a Benicar lawsuit with the Levin, Papantonio law firm after he allegedly developed a rare gastrointestinal condition known as sprue-like enteropathy while taking the blood pressure medication Benicar (Olmesartan medoxomil). According to the complaint filed by...

2009-01-01 08:50:30

Gluten sensitive enteropathy (GSE) is an autoimmune enteropathy due to food gluten intolerance in genetically predisposed people. While GSE was thought to be a rare disease in the past and was believed to be essentially a disease of Europeans, recent screening studies showed that GSE is one of the most frequent genetically based diseases occurred worldwide. Iron deficiency anemia could be a sole manifestation of GSE, and it might result in the delayed diagnosis of GSE, resulting in...

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