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UK Has Second-Wettest Year On Record
2013-01-04 11:15:53

According to data released by England’s meteorological agency the Met Office, 2012 was the second wettest year on record for the U.K., with total rainfall at 52.4 inches.

2011-04-05 08:41:00

SOMERVILLE, Mass., April 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- As Poland's wind energy industry accelerates its new project development initiatives to meet European Union mandates and exploit the country's promising wind resources, project developers are being offered expanded access to technology that will help drive the development process.

2009-01-19 09:00:00

Michigan's largest commercial-scale wind energy development starts operations MADISON, Wis., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- RMT, Inc. (RMT), the leader in wind energy development, engineering, and construction, has completed construction of Michigan Wind 1, located near Ubly, Michigan.

2008-09-11 11:34:56

Researchers announced on Tuesday the rediscovery of a tiny frog species in a remote area of Australia's tropical north thought by many experts to be extinct.

2008-09-02 13:20:00

The Australian government's top water official said on Tuesday that drought in Australia's main food growing region of the Murray-Darling river system has worsened, with water inflows over the past two years at an all-time low.

2008-08-29 03:00:30

By Teresa Stepzinski BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Tropical Storm Fay destroyed fewer loggerhead sea turtle nests on Georgia beaches than originally feared, state wildlife biologists said Monday. About 8 percent of the state's nests were lost, according to preliminary assessments.

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Hakea victoria
2014-10-07 09:59:30

Hakea victoria is a shrub species. The species may also be referred to as Royal Hakea or Lantern hakea. H. victoria is a member of the Proteaceae family. The plant can be found in Western Australia. In 1847, botanist James Drummond was the first to describe and name the species. Hakea victoria is an upright growing, evergreen shrub that typically grows between 4.9 and 9.8 feet tall. The plant’s foliage ranges from yellow to orange and then red as the plant matures. Its leaves are prickly...

Hakea teretifolia
2014-10-07 09:54:46

Hakea teretifolia is a shrub species. The species may also be referred to commonly as the Dagger hakea. H. teretifolia is a member of the Proteaceae family in the Plantae kingdom. The species has two, closely related subspecies: H. teretifolia subsp. teretifolia and H. teretifolia subsp. hirsuta. The plant can be found commonly in eastern Australia, specifically growing from northern New South Wales to Victoria and Tasmania. Hakea teretifolia grows on sandstone-based soil and is tolerant...

Hakea lorea
2014-10-06 13:26:34

Hakea lorea is a small tree or shrub species. The species may also be commonly referred to as the Bootlace oak or the Cork tree. H. lorea is a member of the Proteaceae family and is commonly found in central and northern Australia. It ranges specifically from the southern Cape York Peninsula to the Darling Downs in the south and west to Pibara. Its name “lorea” comes from the latin word meaning “made from strips of leather”, referring to the shrubs leaves. There are 2 closely...

Burrawang, Macrozamia communis
2014-01-31 08:51:17

Macrozamia communis is a type of Australian cycad plant. The species is located on the coast of New South Wales. It is commonly known as the Burrawang. Its common name is derived from the Daruk Australian Aboriginal Language. This name is often applied to other species of Macrozamia. M. communis normally has an un-branched trunk, cycad plants branch very rarely. The species has dark green colored leaves which become dull with age. This plant has separate male and female specimens that are...

Zamia Fern, Bowenia spectabilis
2014-01-30 07:24:18

Bowenia spectabilis is a species of cycad plant. The species may also be referred to as the “Zamia fern”. The plant is regularly found in Australia, specifically in northeastern Queensland from the Mcllwraith Range to Tully. The population is estimated at an excess of 10,000 plants. Bowenia spectabilis have flourished in subtropical or tropical, moist lowland forests. It can be found growing close to streams and on sheltered slopes and even in the high altitudes in the Atherton...

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