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Katla Volcano
2014-04-08 11:22:12

Katla Volcano, also known simply as Katla, is an active subglacial volcano that is located in southern Iceland. It reaches an elevation of 4,961 feet and encompasses an area of 230 square miles, making it one of the largest volcanoes in Iceland. Its caldera reaches a diameter of six miles and it is occasionally somewhat covered by the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. The volcano was named for its...

Mount Sinabung
2014-04-08 11:10:03

Mount Sinabung is an active stratovolcano that is located in Indonesia on the island of Sumatra. This volcano reaches an elevation of 8,071 feet and is part of the Sunda Arc, which was created when the Indo-Australian Plate moved underneath the Eurasian Plate. It holds four volcanic craters, although only one is active, and many hardened lava flows along its edges. Mount Sinabung has erupted...

Aptostichus stephencolberti
2014-04-07 14:17:32

Aptostichus stephencolberti is a species of trapdoor spider named after the American satirist Stephen Colbert. The spider was discovered on the coastline of California in 2007. This species can be found on coastal dunes that extend from the Big Sur region to the San Francisco peninsula at Point Lobos and Golden Gate. Compared to the closely related species such as Aptostichus...

Holarchaea novaeseelandiae
2014-04-07 13:00:17

Holarchaea novaeseelandiae is one of only two described species in the genus Holarchaea and is native to New Zealand. This spider is very small at less than 1.5 millimeters long. It is shiny black, brown, olive, or beige in color. The head region is clearly distinguished, features eight eyes, and a few setae. It occurs only in the forests of New Zealand. It lives in humid environments and...

Western Willow Spreadwing Chalcolestes viridis
2014-04-04 12:03:22

The western willow spreadwing (Chalcolestes viridis), also known as the willow emerald damselfly, is a species of damselfly that can be found in central and southern areas of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Its range includes areas of the Mediterranean, Italy, the islands of Corsica, Sicily, and Ibiza, and Turkey. This species prefers to reside near slow moving or still ponds, lakes,...

Migrant Spreadwing Lestes barbarous
2014-04-04 11:57:49

The migrant spreadwing (Lestes barbarous), also known as the southern emerald damselfly, is a species of damselfly that can be found in Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Its rage includes Barbary in North Africa and the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, India, and Mongolia. It is most often seen near still water that is brackish or stagnant. This species is similar in appearance to other members...

Four-spot Midget Mortonagrion hirosei
2014-04-04 11:34:38

The four-spot midget (Mortonagrion hirosei) is a species of damselfly that can be found in a small range that includes China, Taiwan, the eastern coast of Honshu, Japan. It prefers to reside near rivers and salt water marshes, although it has been found in coastal areas. Although this species has a limited range, local populations are typically stable. It is threatened by habitat loss due to...

Acacia Sprite Pseudagrion acaciae
2014-04-04 11:28:01

The acacia sprite (Pseudagrion acaciae) is a species of damselfly that can be found in Africa. Its range includes Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia, among other areas and it is thought to occur in Egypt, Mauritania, and Uganda. It can be found near rivers and floodplains. The population size of this species is unknown and it is threatened by habitat loss due to...

Black Sprite Pseudagrion commoniae
2014-04-04 11:23:07

The black sprite (Pseudagrion commoniae) is a species of damselfly that can be found in Africa. Its range includes Kenya, Somalia, South Africa, and Zambia, among other areas. It prefers to reside in bushlands, woodlands, and savannahs and can be found near water sources like streams and rivers. The population size of this species is unknown, but it is thought to occur in stable numbers...

2014-04-03 12:32:21

The Brumby is feral horse that is found roaming free in Australia, with the largest population located in the Northern Territory. This breed is descended from horses that were released or escaped confinement during the early days of settlement in Australia. There are many theories about the origin of its name including one that suggests it is derived from the Aboriginal word baroomby, which...