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2010-09-16 13:51:00

National Geographic Magazine Tackles Deep Water Drilling and Gulf's Oil Infrastructure in October 2010 Issue Special map supplement in magazine describes Gulf ecosystem and reveals region's complete oil infrastructure National Geographic networks investigate aftermath and continuing impact of oil spill with 3 specials, including 'Explorer: Can the Gulf Survive?' on Nat Geo Channel at 10 p.m.

2010-08-25 14:40:43

To establish a baseline for measuring and predicting the biological impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, a LSU ichthyologist and an Ohio biomedical informatics researcher are using Ohio Supercomputer Center, or OSC, systems to help map data on the extent of the spill and chemicals and the distribution of various fish species.

2010-08-11 15:08:10

The environmental impact of millions of gallons of oil still in the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon incident may depend on microscopic helpers: Bacteria that consume oil and other hydrocarbons and could break down the spilled crude, making it disappear.

2010-08-03 06:25:00

A new study showed on Monday that dispersants mixed with crude are no more toxic to marine life than oil alone and the type used by BP in the Gulf of Mexico is no worse than any others.

2010-07-30 16:55:00

NEW ORLEANS, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- A Statement from Attorneys Stuart Smith and Mike Stag, and Toxicologist Dr. William Sawyer: "Most southeast Louisiana residents know by now that BP is using chemical dispersants in the Gulf to help make the oil go away.

2010-07-30 09:05:00

New BP CEO Robert Dudley will be in Biloxi, Mississippi today to address the company's future plans for dealing with the ongoing Gulf of Mexico oil spill recovery efforts.

2010-07-30 07:30:00

MOBILE, Ala., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The oil flow has stopped. Now what? Now that the gushing of oil into the Gulf of Mexico has been stifled, scientists and coastal communities are faced with the task of cleaning up what's left.

2010-07-27 12:41:00

MONTGOMERY, Ala., July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C. has filed a class action lawsuit in the Southern District of Alabama against British Petroleum and Nalco Company.

2010-07-19 06:50:00

The massive BP oil spill has scientists and experts fearing a decades-long “cascading” effect on marine life that could lead to alterations in the entire biological network in the Gulf of Mexico.

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2009-07-06 16:44:13

Haze is a type of atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and dry particles in the air obscure the sky's clarity. Haze is created through various activities including farming, traffic pollution,and even wildfires. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) categorizes the obscuration of the Earth's atmosphere by a list of different types of atmospheric phenomena. One of these is haze. The other classifications are: fog, ice fog, steam fog, mist, smoke, volcanic ash, dust, sand, and snow....

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