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2009-08-12 12:49:31

Mosquitoes with the potential to carry diseases lethal to many unique species of Galapagos wildlife are being regularly introduced to the islands via aircraft, according to new research published today.The southern house mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus, was previously thought to have been introduced to the Galapagos in a one-off event in the mid-1980s.However, scientists from the University of Leeds, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), the University of Guayaquil, the Galapagos National...

2009-06-03 12:30:00

Greenpeace said on Wednesday, in a report that called for trade and financial retaliation against illegal ranchers, that the cattle industry is the biggest driver of destruction of the Amazonian rain forest. The campaign group said clearance of the Amazon had helped give Brazil the world's largest cattle sector and made it the world's largest exporter of beef. However, it said in its report timed - to coincide with UN talks on climate change - that this growth has come at a tragic cost for...

2009-05-25 07:56:48

The Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) today announced proposals designed to assist directors in the inclusion of climate change-related information in companies' annual reports.The pioneering proposals, unveiled at the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen, take the form of a global framework that clarifies precisely which climate change data should be reported by corporations and provides management with a set of guidelines designed to streamline disclosure...

2009-05-13 09:55:53

Scientists at the Missouri Botanical Garden are calling for the inclusion of indigenous peoples around the world in helping monitor the effects of global climate change and develop policy. In a special issue on traditional peoples and climate change in the May volume of "Global Environmental Change" published by Elsevier, guest editors Dr. Jan Salick, Senior Curator at the Missouri Botanical Garden, and Dr. Nanci Ross, research specialist at the Missouri Botanical Garden, highlight the role...

2009-04-22 15:00:57

The Japanese government argued in support of its latest whaling mission on Wednesday, claiming that its call for the killing of 60 minke whales is for research purposes only. The mission involving five ships "“ four whaling ships and one for research "“ left Ayukawa port in northern Miyagi prefecture on Wednesday. The vessels will remain at sea until late May, according to the Japanese fisheries agency. Japan uses a legal loophole in the 1986 international moratorium on commercial...

2008-12-09 13:29:58

Greenpeace on Tuesday started a campaign to change Japanese domestic opinion against whaling. The group is lashing out at the country for arresting activists for speaking out against illegal whaling practices. "If Japan is going to start rounding up political prisoners for the crime of defending whales; they're going to have to arrest a whole heaping lot of us," said one Greenpeace blogger named Josef. A group of executive directors from five Greenpeace national offices have traveled to...

2008-12-02 13:30:00

On Tuesday, actress Daryl Hannah joined anti-whaling activists to protest Japan's Antarctic whaling fleet. Hannah previously criticized Greenpeace for opting out of the annual chase, started by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which followed the eight-ship fleet last year, bombarding it with stink bombs and briefly boarding a harpoon vessel. The fleet departs Australia on Wednesday for the Southern Ocean. Hannah will travel part-way on Sea Shepherd flagship Steve Irwin. The 47 year-old...

2008-11-17 11:32:50

The Nisshin Maru, Japan's main whaling ship, reportedly left harbor on Monday heading for the Antarctic on its first hunt since April when it was confronted by anti-whaling activists. There was no official confirmation of the ship's departure, but Greenpeace reported that it left the port of Innoshima with plans to take about 850 minke whales and 50 fin whales. "Waved off only by the crew's families and whaling officials, the factory ship Nisshin Maru left Innoshima with no fanfare,"...

2008-09-29 15:45:00

A study showed on Monday that Europe is warming faster than the world average and governments need to invest to adapt to a changing climate set to turn the Mediterranean region arid and the north ever wetter. The report by the European Environment Agency and branches of the World Health Organization and the European Commission said Europe's mountains, coasts, the Mediterranean and the Arctic were most at risk from global warming. "Global average temperature has increased almost 0.8 C (1.4 F)...

2008-09-23 09:00:36

UNEP names new regional director for Africa NAIROBI, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Mounkaila Goumandakoye has been appointed as the new resident at the Regional Director's office for UNEP in Africa. Mounkaila has taken over from Sekou Toure, who now works as the Conflict resolution Commissioner at the Global Environment Fund ( GEF) in Washington. The new Director, who was appointed to the position in June, joins UNEP from UNDP Drylands Development Centre, where he has been the acting director...

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