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2005-08-08 18:00:55

From Organic farming to the effects of Bt in soil, from how soil insects choose the plant roots they eat, to the impact of silk from both spiders and silkworms on protecting plants from pest damage, a series of presentations at the upcoming ESA-INTECOL Joint Meeting cover the ins and outs of soil ecology.

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2005-09-07 18:25:10

Ladybirds, also known as ladybugs or lady beetles are a family, Coccinellidae ("little sphere"), of beetles. The name is thought to allude to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Catholic faith. Ladybirds are found worldwide, with over 4,500 species described - more than 450 native to North America alone. Ladybirds are small insects, ranging from 1 mm to 10 mm (0.04 to 0.4 inches), and are usually yellow, orange, or red with small black spots on their carapace, and black legs, head and feelers. As...

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