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Latest Eran Rabani Stories

2011-07-15 15:04:28

'Doped' nanocrystals are the future of technology, says Tel Aviv University researcher Modern electronics as we know them, from televisions to computers, depend on conducting materials that can control electronic properties. As technology shrinks down to pocket sized communications devices and microchips that can fit on the head of a pin, nano-sized conducting materials are in big demand. Now, Prof. Eran Rabani of Tel Aviv University's School of Chemistry at the Raymond and Beverly Sackler...

2011-02-02 22:30:00

TAU uses quantum mechanics to melt glass at Absolute ZeroQuantum mechanics, developed in the 1920s, has had an enormous impact in explaining how matter works. The elementary particles that make up different forms of matter "” such as electrons, protons, neutrons and photons "” are well understood within the model quantum physics provides. Even now, some 90 years later, new scientific principles in quantum physics are being described. The most recent gives the world a glimpse into...

2011-01-11 08:19:46

TAU "recalculates" efficiency paradigm for thin film solar panels In recent years, developers have been investigating light-harvesting thin film solar panels made from nanotechnology "” and promoting efficiency metrics to make the technology marketable. Now a Tel Aviv University researcher is providing new evidence to challenge recent "charge" measurements for increasing solar panel efficiency. Offering a less expensive, smaller solution than traditional panels, Prof. Eran Rabani of Tel...