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Velvet Spiders Emerge From Underground
2012-05-23 11:39:42

Velvet spiders include some of the most beautiful arachnids in Europe and some of the world's most cooperative species.

2009-01-06 14:24:20

A new, colorful poisonous spider species has been discovered in south Moravia, Czech Republic researchers said. The spider, whose bite triggers a fever accompanied by headache, has been dubbed Eresus Moravicus, the Moravian ladybird spider, and listed in the World Spider Catalog, Czech news agency CTK reported Tuesday. It can be found in the reserves where remains of the Pannonian steppes are preserved, said Milan Rezac, associated with Research Institute of Crop Production in Prague. He said...

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2009-05-02 22:04:28

The Ladybird Spider (Eresus cinnaberinus, formerly Eresus niger) is a species of arachnid native to Europe. It can be found from Portugal to Ukraine, and from England to Greece. It prefers sunny, dry locations and is widely distributed in central and southern Europe. In Great Britain this spider is listed as endangered. It is also considered endangered in Germany. It was previously thought to be extinct in Britain after the 1920s. It was rediscovered in 1979 at a confirmed site in the town of...

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