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Eric Schmidt
2013-11-26 06:34:02

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt took to Google+ on Monday to teach iPhone and iOS users how to make the switch to an Android phone, saying the Google operating system is much better and has hardware packages that far outpace Apple’s products.

Google's Eric Schmidt Blasts NSA Over MUSCULAR Spy Program
2013-11-04 08:02:44

Last week it was revealed that Google and Yahoo! Data centers were being infiltrated by the NSA and data between the companies and their users were being intercepted. Now Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt is going on the verbal offensive against the NSA.

2013-06-06 23:04:03

With such busy lives these days most of us use social media sites - Facebook especially - as a means of keeping up with friends and former work colleagues.

CEO Larry Page Discusses Illness On His Google+ Blog
2013-05-15 13:35:29

Google CEO Larry Page was notably absent during last year’s I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco. Several weeks after the conference, executive chairman Eric Schmidt said Page had been recovering from an “unspecified ailment” which caused him to speak softly.

2013-04-29 23:02:40

A 13-minute book trailer produced by the Draw Shop for Google Executives Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen provides a compelling overview of the theories these global technology leaders share in their

Google's UK Tax Bill For 2011 Defended By Executive Eric Schmidt
2013-04-22 10:09:21

Google on Monday defended its $9 million US tax liability in the United Kingdom for 2011. This is a response to a committee of MPs (Ministers of Parliament) questioned last year on how many multinational companies could pay so little on UK earnings.

Wikileaks Publishes Secret Meeting Between Assange and Google CEO
2013-04-19 10:18:47

In 2011, Google CEO Eric Schmidt set up a secret meeting with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange while he was under house arrest in 2011. In true Google and Wikileaks fashion, the entire interview has been transcribed and released online.

Google Chief Speaks Out Against Drones
2013-04-15 08:24:30

In a recent interview with the UK's Guardian, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said he’s uncomfortable with how widespread drone use has become and warns of mini drones falling into the hands of terrorists.

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