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2008-10-13 06:00:30

By Eric Stark For me, it's all about the debate after the debate. The best TV viewing occurs after the candidates for president and vice president finish their discussions. That's when we find out who blinked too much, who twisted the facts and who was most convincing. It's amazing how quickly they edit the video clips, check the facts and set up interviews. After the vice-presidential debate and the most recent clash between John McCain and Barack Obama, I tuned in to CBS. No, not for...

2008-09-29 06:00:24

By Eric Stark Even John Tesh doesn't think of himself as cool - just tolerable. That's where the debate begins: How much Tesh can you stand? Is he likable, or is he annoying? You decide. This is the same guy who played a Klingon for an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and wrote the popular NBA theme song for NBC. Google Tesh on the Internet and you'll find comments like "I hate John Tesh" and "Tesh is a tool." For some, Tesh resentment began during the 1992 Summer Olympics...

2008-09-23 03:00:16

By Stark, Eric It's time. Finally. The new television season starts this week and, believe me, I'm ready. I've had enough of the reruns, summer replacements and reality shows. Both Fox and ABC networks are in good situations this fall. Neither has a lot of new shows, and that's not a bad thing. It means either last year's shows were successful, or the networks are giving programs time to build an audience. It's all too common for networks to give up on shows too fast. "The thing about...

2008-08-18 18:00:25

By Eric Stark Remember when some NBC executive came up with the "great idea" to put the 1988 Summer Olympics on pay-per-view? Sure, you had prime time coverage, but many games and events cost extra to watch. The idea flopped. Bet that exec works in a different capacity today. Fast-forward 20 years, and there's plenty of Olympics coverage and channels to choose from. In fact, there may be too much. If you thought 416 hours of coverage for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah was a bit much,...

2008-08-04 06:00:27

By Eric Stark It's been nearly 10 years - I was 26, single and still had hair - but I remember the moment like it was yesterday: my father driving the family van and turning up the radio, saying to his boys who were complaining about his selection, Oldies music will never die. I thought he was wrong and, being a bad son who always had to have the last word, told him so. When his generation died, I said, so would its music. No, he argued, this is quality music and songs, and sounds this...

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