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Golden Gate Bridge Turns 75
2012-05-29 08:02:14

Brett Smith for RedOrbit.com San Franciscans culminated the anniversary celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge Sunday night the way we typically celebrate 75-year-olds, with a cascading fireworks display and a barrage of air guitar-ready riffs. Thousands of people flocked to the American icon to mark the diamond anniversary and take part in the celebration, which included a 20-minute pyrotechnics display and musical montage. The weekend-long celebrations kicked off on Friday with a...

2006-06-22 01:36:51

By Sura Wood SAN FRANCISCO (Hollywood Reporter) - Eric Steel's documentary, "The Bridge," opens with a picturesque shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the great architectural and engineering feats of the 20th century. Less than five minutes into the film, a man casually climbs over the bridge railing and jumps 225 feet to his death in the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay. This is one of six such episodes shown in the film out of more two dozen caught by Steel's camera crew, who...

2006-05-04 15:40:01

By Adam Tanner SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Every few weeks, someone climbs over the railing of San Francisco's famed Golden Gate Bridge and jumps to their death at one of the highest-profile suicide sites in the world. Local media rarely report the deaths, and few people have seen the dramatic suicides -- until now. Filmmaker Eric Steel's new film "The Bridge," which shows six suicides, premiered recently at New York's Tribeca and San Francisco's film festivals. Steel, 42, set up...

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