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Cretaceous dinosaur Erlikosaurus andrewsi
2014-11-05 14:00:45

Using CT scans and digital visualization techniques, scientists were able to fully reconstruct a dinosaur skull for the first time in 90 million years.

Beaks Were Functionally Important In Protecting Dinosaur Skulls
2013-12-03 08:20:52

One typical hallmark of modern birds that comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes is the beak. While this is common knowledge, it is less well known that during the Cretaceous Period keratin-covered beaks had already evolved in different groups of dinosaurs.

Study Peers Into Dinosaur Heads
2012-12-20 19:46:31

Scientists found one dinosaur species had particularly well developed senses of smell, hearing and balance, which could be attributed to the extinct animal's big forehead.

Latest Erlikosaurus Reference Libraries

2009-07-28 12:49:32

Erlikosaurus is a genus of dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period about 80 mya. Its fossils were discovered in the Bayan Shireh Formation of Mongolia. The type species E. andrewsi was described by Altangerel Perle in 1980. Its name is derived from the demon Erlik from Mongolian mythology and the species E. andrewsi is named after paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews. At the time it was the only known therizinosaur (then called segnosaurs). The discovery of its skull helped shed light on...

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