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ATV-3 Set To Provide ESA’s Annual Service To Space Station
2012-03-01 04:16:17

ESA´s third Automated Transfer Vehicle cargo ferry, Edoardo Amaldi, is ready for launch on an Ariane 5 to the International Space Station on 9 March from Europe´s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The liftoff at 10:05 GMT (11:05 CET) will be covered live from Kourou for broadcasters and on the web, and followed at launch events around Europe. ATV Edoardo Amaldi follows the two highly successful supply missions carried out by ATV Jules Verne in March 2008 and ATV Johannes...

Image 1 - Laser Radar Illuminates The Way To Deep Space
2012-02-23 04:35:08

This car was not snapped with a camera but scanned by a 3D imaging lidar, the laser equivalent of radar. ESA is developing the sensor as a navigation aid for exploring deep space. Lidar stands for ℠light detection and ranging´, with a pulsed laser beam scanning targets by measuring the time it takes for the light to bounce back. The wavelength of light is so much shorter than that of radio waves — measured in billionths of a meter rather than centimeters — so...

2011-04-23 10:40:00

ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori and the five other astronauts of the STS-134 mission will be launched to the International Space Station on Space Shuttle Endeavour on 29 April to deliver a pioneering scientific experiment.This penultimate flight of NASA's spaceplane will deliver an instrument designed to track elusive antimatter and "Ëœdark matter' in the Universe.Liftoff on the 14-day STS-134 mission is scheduled for 19:47 GMT (21:47 CEST), with the docking to the International Space...

2010-06-02 09:30:00

About to be shut away from the outside world, the Mars500 volunteers still get to have fun. Their duties will include regular playing of video games "“ though with a serious purpose. Results from the games will help develop computerized "Ëœelectronic partners' to support crews on future deep space missions. The latest stage of the international Mars500 program begins in June: a six-man crew will be sealed in an isolation facility at Moscow's Institute for Biomedical Problems...

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