Latest Espionage Stories

2014-01-24 23:22:23

The leaks by Edward Snowden highlight the threat of insider espionage.

2014-01-23 23:01:09

Describes 'Agents of Influence' as Spy School for Everyone St.

2014-01-14 08:29:48

NEC's NeoFace was proven to have the most robust algorithm among facial recognition biometrics MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan.

2014-01-10 23:21:04

OSHI Software (http://www.oshisoftware.com), a developer of security solutions for Windows-based computing systems, announced that it will

2014-01-08 23:00:27

InHand Electronics debuts their fully rugged, customizable tablet, the Hydra-F6 at the Consumer Electronics Show, using the tablet to demo Biometrica’s new compact iris camera, the Pocket Iris.

2014-01-06 23:24:04

ACSS’ groundbreaking Spy Nation seminar series is an online curriculum that explores the increasing privacy, security and confidentiality threats from consumer surveillance technology including

NSA Intercepting Computer Deliveries, Implanting Spyware: Report
2013-12-30 12:27:43

According to a report Sunday from the German publication Der Spiegel, a special hacking unit from the US National Security Agency (NSA), intercepts deliveries of new computer equipment and plants spyware.

Former NSA Employee Edward Snowden Says Mission Is Accomplished
2013-12-24 11:20:08

National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden, the former intelligence contractor who exposed extensive details of global electronic surveillance, said on Tuesday his “mission’s already accomplished.”

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