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2013-05-21 23:02:17

Custom-made surface-mount and insert-mount lead frames from Photofabrication Engineering (PEI) are flexible, strong, burr-free and stress-free. Single- and double-sided lead frames that are too complex to be manufactured by traditional metal stamping methods can be fabricated quickly and easily using photochemical machining. Milford, MA (PRWEB) May 21, 2013 Photofabrication Engineering (PEI) manufactures a complete line of custom, photochemically-etched surface-mount and insert-mount lead...

2012-12-19 05:01:29

For over 40 years United Western Enterprises has been a national leader in the industry of photochemical etching with great appreciation for their consistent customer base. By integrating advanced technological equipment and updating a valuable re-certification status, this California based company made 2012 a year dedicated to customer needs. Camarillo, CA (PRWEB) December 18, 2012 If implementing new innovative machinery and being recertified to a vital ISO standard are on the annual...

Semiconductor Etching With Light
2012-09-29 05:28:50

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Researchers at one US university have developed a new, low-cost method of etching minute features onto semiconductor wafers while monitoring the process as it happens. University of Illinois electrical and computer engineering professor Gabriel Popescu and colleagues say that their method allows chipmakers to use a special microscope that uses two beams of light to precisely measure the topography. Their technique allows...

2012-06-14 12:26:17

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a highly promising material for a wide range of optical and high-power electronic devices, which can be fabricated by dry etching with plasmas. However, the plasma-induced defects and surface residues that remain after such processes tend to degrade the optical and electrical properties of the devices. A team of Japanese researchers has developed and tested a new way to "heal" such defects. The team exposed plasma-damaged GaN to hydrogen (H) radicals at room...

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