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2013-02-05 16:22:23

WINDHOEK, Namibia, Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The unveiling of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013 will reveal Namibia as one of the featured international backdrops. Known as the 'Land of Endless Horizons,' this southern African destination's natural wonders provided a dramatic setting for SI Swimsuit models to be photographed in front of the world's tallest sand dunes in Namib-Naukluft National Park and the mysterious diamond mining ghost town of Kolmanskop. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013...

Image 1 - Lake On Titan Resembles One In Africa
2012-04-21 05:09:53

A new study based on data from the Cassini spacecraft suggests that a lake on one of Saturn's moons behaves similarly to the Etosha salt pan on Earth. A group led by Thomas Cornet of the Université de Nantes, France, a Cassini associate, found characteristics of Ontario Lake on Titan are similar to Etosha Pan in Namibia, Africa because it drains and refills from below. Etosha Pan is a lake bed that fills with a shallow layer of water from groundwater levels that rise during...

2011-11-07 08:30:00

WINDHOEK, Namibia, Nov. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NBC Today hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie experienced Namibia this morning on the first day of the venerated 2011 'Where in the World is Matt Lauer' series, showcasing this vast Southern African nation's dramatic desert landscapes as well as ultimate safari experiences to US audiences through leading safari, ecotourism and conservation company Wilderness Safaris. Twice the size of California, yet with a population just over 2 million,...

2008-09-21 11:45:00

Are fires more important than rain for the savannah ecosystem? Natural grass fires are evidently more important for the ecology of savannahs than has previously been assumed. This is the finding of a study carried out in Etosha National Park in the north of Namibia. It is the first study to have investigated the complex interplay of the factors fire, competition, moisture and seed availability in relation to a grass species. Periodic fires in semi-arid regions can lead to older tufts of grass...

2008-07-20 12:00:27

By Ray Boren For the Deseret News VICTORIA FALLS, Zimbabwe -- I hoped -- in fact expected -- during a journey with friends to southern Africa to see the "big five" from a distance: elephants, rhinos, buffalo, leopards and lions. And indeed, safari guides and their back-country vehicles pretty much made that dream come true. I didn't expect to be stroking and speaking softly to a pair of young male lions as if they were big kittens. Although they looked lionesque, with a "teenage" hint...

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Angolan Slender Mongoose, Galerella flavescens
2012-11-01 07:38:15

The Angolan slender mongoose (Galerella flavescens) is native to southern Africa, specifically in Namibia and Angola. It prefers a habitat within arid savannahs in Namibia, preferring areas with little vegetation, but its preferred habitat in Angola is unknown. It is thought that population numbers are high within its range, although little is known about the species’ habits. This species is slender in appearance and has 38 teeth. These teeth grow in at about twenty-four weeks of age. Young...

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