Latest Eucalyptol Stories

2012-02-29 09:26:54

(Ivanhoe Newswire) — Can smelling rosemary make you smarter? A new study aims to find out! Rosemary is one of the many medical plants that yield essential oils, but how it affects human behavior remains unclear.  The study investigated the pharmacology of one of rosemary's main chemical components', 1,8-cineole. Researchers tested mood and cognitive performance on 20 participants who were exposed to various levels of rosemary scents.  They collected blood samples to...

2009-08-13 15:40:46

 In a paper to appear in the journal "Naturwissenschaften," Stevens Institute of Technology Professor Athula Attygalle and his research student, Xiaogang Wu, report for the first time that some ground beetles produce the natural repellent limonene as their major defensive chemical. The paper is the result of a collaborative research project with Professor Kipling Will (University of California, Berkeley), and Professor David R. Maddison (University of Arizona, Tucson).An efficient...

2007-09-19 09:01:49

By Jirovetz, Leopold Buchbauer, Gerhard; Eller, Gernot; Ngassoum, Martin Benoit; Maponmetsem, Pierre M Abstract The essential oils of fresh flowers (2 samples), leaves and stems of Cymbopogon giganteus (Hochst.) Chiovenda from Cameroon were investigated by GC and GC/MS. More than 55 components have been identified in the samples 1 (flowers 1), 2 (leaves), 3 (stems) and 4 (flowers 2) with main compounds possessing the p-menthathene skeleton as follows: cis-p-mentha-1(7),8-then-2-ol (1:...

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