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Double-striped Thick-knee
2009-02-21 20:25:31

The Double-striped Thick-knee (Burhinus bistriatus) is a species of Stone-Curlew. It is a resident breeder in Central and South America from southern Mexico south to Colombia, Venezuela and northern Brazil. It is also found on Hispaniola and on some Venezuelan Islands. It is a very rare vagrant to Trinidad and the USA. Its preferred habitat is arid grassland, savanna, and other dry, open areas....

Stone Curlew
2009-02-21 20:14:29

The Stone Curlew or Eurasian Stone-curlew (Burhinus oedicnemus) is a species of bird that occurs throughout Europe, north Africa and southwestern Asia. In summer, it is found in the more temperate European and Asian regions, and in winter it migrates south into Africa. In Egypt, the melodic song of the Stone Curlew is often heard at night, although it is rarely seen. Its song is featured in...

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