Latest European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service Stories

2010-10-30 12:55:00

This year's ESA Innovation Prize for the European Satellite Navigation Competition has been awarded to an application that uses satellites to detect river pollution. A separate prize supported by ESA was awarded to a startup company for a pioneering system that uses satellite data to boost investment in farming. At the award ceremony, held in Munich on 18 October, the Salzburg startup company Mobilizy took home the &eur;20.000 Galileo Master grand prize for its novel navigation system...

2010-06-21 06:22:10

Young engineers and scientists from all over the world will gather this summer in Denmark to study navigation by satellite, devising new scientific and technical improvements, products and services. A jury of experts from several European universities and Stanford University will select the best proposals. ESA is the organizer of an international summer school on global navigation satellite systems such as GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS and Galileo. This year's school is being held 1"“10...

2010-06-08 11:50:00

The Berlin Air and Space Show, ILA, one of the world's largest aerospace trade shows, opens next week. Organized every two years by the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI), it will be taking place at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport on June 8-13. ESA, the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and the BDLI have jointly designed a special pavilion, "ËœSpace for Earth', in the International Space Village (Hall 9), in which visitors can learn more about European space programs and...

2009-10-01 12:36:02

A new era for European navigation begins today During a press conference today, Mr Antonio Tajani, European Commission Vice-President for Transport Policy, announced the official start of operations for EGNOS, the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service. The EGNOS "ËœOpen Service' is now available. This is a major milestone for the project: its primary service is now available to all users equipped with EGNOS-compatible receivers. Most mass-market satellite navigation...

2009-01-21 09:15:00

Rescuing crew that have fallen overboard in bad weather is fraught with difficulty. Handling the boat and returning to a position close enough to the person is not always easy, especially when operating under stressful conditions. A new system proposes to use satellite navigation to locate the precise position of casualties, and ultimately save lives. Peter Hall and Christine Edwards, both of British start-up company Sci-Tech Systems, have come up with a scheme to help save lives using the...

2009-01-15 09:22:06

A new tracking system is making use of satellite navigation data to ensure safe roads in Europe. Developed by an Italian company in the Italian Lombardy region, the system monitors daily the displacement of 200 containers carrying industrial waste on 100 trucks. The transportation of dangerous industrial waste from its originating source to the site where it will be treated is increasing every year. Trucks carrying the waste-filled containers typically travel through several European...

2007-12-17 08:29:42

A recently installed FAA navigation system called the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) is making life much easier for general-aviation pilots in the United States, particularly when trying to land at small airports in bad weather. Pilots flying aircraft equipped with the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment in the continental U.S. and much of Canada and Mexico are now able to pinpoint their location to within 25 feet, thanks to WAAS. WAAS is a network of 39...

2006-06-17 09:48:17

A prototype satellite navigation system accurate enough to direct vision-impaired pedestrians to their destination has recently been successfully demonstrated in Madrid. Seen from a distance, a blind man guided by his dog in the streets of Madrid seems quite sure of his way. In fact, he is not listening to music with his headphones but receiving directions to his destination: "turn to the right, turn to the left, continue straight ahead"¦" Thanks to a mobile phone combined with a...

2005-07-07 18:03:32

ESA -- A new experience of satellite navigation for the European Space Agency during the 5th stage of the Tour de France between Chambord and Montargis. Receivers were carried by a number of cyclists, making it possible to determine their exact position and speed along the 183 kilometre-long stage by means of EGNOS, the European navigation service that operates using geostationary satellites. The system provides vital information which, when fully operational, will give the organisers...

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