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2008-01-09 15:55:00

As of Tuesday, the smallest rabbit in North America is being considered for endangered species protection by the federal government. Adult pygmy rabbits are under a foot long and weigh anywhere from half a pound to a little over a pound.

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2006-12-26 11:18:38

The European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is a species of rabbit native to southern Europe. European Rabbits are small, gray-brown mammals ranging from 13 to 18 in (34 to 45 cm) long, and are approximately 3 to 5 pounds (1.3-2.2 kg) in weight. They have four sharp incisors (two on top, two on bottom) that grow continuously throughout their life. They also have two peg teeth on the top behind the incisors. Rabbits have long ears, large hind legs, and short, fluffy tails. Rabbits move by...

2006-12-26 11:04:16

The Brush Rabbit (Sylvilagus bachmani), or Western Brush Rabbit, is a species of cottontail rabbit found in western coastal regions of North America. It is also found from the Columbia River in Oregon to the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. Its range extends as the eastern sides of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges. Brush rabbits inhabit dense, brushy cover, most commonly in shrubbery. They also inhabit oak and conifer habitats. They will live in brush or...

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