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2010-04-06 10:40:00

A timeline of the most critical events around the launch of ESA's CryoSat-2 satellite, scheduled for 15:57 CEST on Thursday, April 8, 2010.

2010-04-01 13:10:30

In readiness for launch on April 8, ESA's CryoSat-2 ice satellite has now joined the rest of the Dnepr rocket in the launch silo at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

2010-03-31 13:36:43

With only seven days to go before launch, CryoSat-2 encapsulated within the Dnepr launcher's space head module has been loaded back onto the 'crocodile' in readiness for transportation to the launch silo tomorrow.

2010-02-18 09:15:09

As Satellite Prime Contractor for CryoSat, EADS Astrium has led a consortium of 30 firms from Europe, the U.S. and Russia to design and build the satellite. In his role as Astrium Prime Project Manager, Klaus Köble has been leading these efforts for the past three years.

2010-02-08 09:48:43

Richard Francis has been responsible for managing ESA's CryoSat Project since the decision was made to rebuild the satellite following the loss of the original CryoSat in 2005.

2010-01-22 10:19:06

With liftoff scheduled in just a few weeks, ESA's CryoSat-2 ground teams are in intensive training for the launch and early orbit phase - the critical first steps in the mission's life.

2009-12-20 10:16:30

For thirty years, Europe's Ariane booster family has provided reliable launch services for many of ESA's most complex and sophisticated satellites.

2009-11-12 10:30:00

When Europe's comet chaser Rosetta swings by Earth tomorrow for a critical gravity assist, tracking data will be collected to precisely measure the satellite's change in orbital energy.

2009-11-04 09:40:00

ESA’s comet chaser Rosetta will swing by Earth for the last time on November 13 to pick up energy and begin the final leg of its 10-year journey to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

2009-08-07 12:35:00

An Earth observation mission does not just involve the building of a satellite, it also includes the all-important infrastructure to control the satellite and handle the data – the ground segment.

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