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2013-06-14 13:49:32

Study shows autism vulnerability genes are also affected in fetal alcohol disorder In a surprising new finding, a Northwestern Medicine® study has found a common molecular vulnerability in autism and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Both disorders have symptoms of social impairment and originate during brain development in utero. This the first research to explore a common mechanism for these disorders and link their molecular vulnerabilities. The study found male offspring of...

2012-04-20 05:24:32

(Ivanhoe Newswire)–A Northwestern Medicine scientist has developed the first blood test to diagnose major depression in teens. A breakthrough approach that allows an objective diagnosis by measuring a specific set of genetic markers found in a patient's blood. Untreated teens with major depression experience increases in substance abuse, social maladjustment, physical illness and suicide. Their normal development is derailed, and the disease persists into adulthood. "Right now...

2009-10-23 14:16:45

Northwestern research finds drugs aim at wrong target More than half the people who take antidepressants for depression never get relief. Why? Because the cause of depression has been oversimplified and drugs designed to treat it aim at the wrong target, according to new research from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. The medications are like arrows shot at the outer rings of a bull's eye instead of the center. A study from the laboratory of long-time depression...

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  • A landsman who is making his first voyage at sea; a novice who enters naval service from rural life.
According to the OED, a grass-comber is also 'a sailor's term for one who has been a farm-labourer.'