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A New Set Of Directions For Exoplanet Hunting
2012-11-13 11:07:51

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online The search for planets around other stars might have gotten a little easier now that a Lowell Observatory astronomer and her colleagues have developed a set of directions, per se, to aid others in the hunt for exoplanets. Publishing their work in the journal Astrophysical Letters, Evgenya Shkolnik and her collaborators examined new and existing data from known stars and brown dwarfs that are less than 300 million years old, as...

2008-01-10 14:17:01

AUSTIN, Texas — A quartet of stars has been discovered in an intimate cosmic dance, swirling around each other within a region about the same as Jupiter's orbit around the sun. Astronomers say a gaseous disk might have once engulfed and pushed the stars into their tight orbits. Though bright, the stellar system was thought to be a single star dubbed BD -22°5866. Now, research presented here today at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society reveals the pinpoint of...

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