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Connecting Genes To Hominin Teeth Shows Evidence Of Natural Selection
2014-05-06 03:18:44

Duke University Along with our big brains and upright posture, thick tooth enamel is one of the features that distinguishes our genus, Homo, from our primate relatives and forebears. A new study, published May 5 in the Journal of Human Evolution, offers insight into how evolution shaped our teeth, one gene at a time. By comparing the human genome with those of five other primate species, a team of geneticists and evolutionary anthropologists at Duke University has identified two...

British Butterfly Evolving In Response To Climate Change
2011-11-30 11:38:05

Evolutionary change helps species track ongoing climate warming As global temperatures rise and climatic zones move polewards, species will need to find different environments to prevent extinction. New research, published today in the journal Molecular Ecology, has revealed that climate change is causing certain species to move and adapt to a range of new habitats. The study, led by academics at the Universities of Bristol and Sheffield, aimed to understand the role of evolution in...

2011-03-04 08:00:00

A well-established theory that horses evolved through natural selection has been verified with a groundbreaking study of fossil records by two anatomy professors at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM).Early ancestors of the modern horse likely ate fruit, the researchers noted Thursday, after studying horse teeth fossils dating back 55 million years. As land conditions evolved over time, the diets of horses became more mixed and their teeth became tougher allowing for chewing and...

2011-03-03 23:19:05

Fossil records verify a long-standing theory that horses evolved through natural selection, according to groundbreaking research by two anatomy professors at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM) of New York Institute of Technology. Working with colleagues from Massachusetts and Spain, Matthew Mihlbachler, Ph.D., and Nikos Solounias, Ph.D. arrived at the conclusion after examining the teeth of 6,500 fossil horses representing 222 different populations of more than 70 extinct horse...

2010-11-16 00:00:55

"Artificial Intelligence advances with the ability to handle analysis with varying time frames on the inputs. This allows artificial intelligence to be applied to difficult problems, like biological evolution, with vastly different time scales of analysis from months to centuries", announced Bill Reid, a leading scientist at AI Stock Fund and an expert in artificial intelligence. Savannah, GA (PRWEB) November 15, 2010 "Artificial Intelligence analysis was advanced this summer to a new...

2010-09-17 13:13:16

Breakthrough study could transform drug, aging and fertility research UC Irvine researchers have deciphered how lowly fruit flies bred to rapidly develop and reproduce actually evolve over time. The findings, reported in the Sept. 15 online issue of Nature, contradict the long-held belief that sexual beings evolve the same way simpler organisms do and could fundamentally alter the direction of genetic research for new pharmaceuticals and other products. "This is actually decoding the key DNA...

2009-09-04 09:23:53

Prediction about enamelin gene by UC Riverside biologists upheld by evidence Biologists at the University of California, Riverside report new evidence for evolutionary change recorded in both the fossil record and the genomes (or genetic blueprints) of living organisms, providing fresh support for Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. The researchers were able to correlate the progressive loss of enamel in the fossil record with a simultaneous molecular decay of a gene, called the enamelin...

2009-01-12 08:59:56

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia scientists turn back clock on evolution in fruit fly to provide key insights into basic mechanisms of evolution In his book, Wonderful World, Stephen Jay Gould writes about an experiment of 'replaying life's tape', wherein one could go back in time, let the tape of life play again and see if 'the repetition looks at all like the original'. Evolutionary biology tells us that it wouldn't look the same "“ the outcome of evolution is contingent on everything...

2007-06-27 06:00:00

By Barnosky, Anthony D Kraatz, Brian P The paleontological record of mammals offers many examples of evolutionary change, which are well documented at many levels of the biological hierarchy-at the level of species (and above), populations, morphology, and, in ideal cases, even genes. The evolutionary changes developed against a backdrop of climatic change that took place on different scales, from rapid shifts in climate state that took only a few decades, to those that occurred over a...

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