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2011-11-22 16:49:01

Explosions of reactive gases and the associated rapid, uncontrolled release of large amounts of energy pose threats of immense destructive power to mining operations, fuel storage facilities, chemical processing plants, and many other industrial applications. To gain a better understanding of what's going on during these explosions, US Naval Research Laboratory research physicist Alexei Poludnenko, and Elaine Oran, senior scientist for reactive flow physics, teamed up with Sandia National...

2011-08-18 17:08:58

A team of researchers from the University of the Basque Country (Spain) has developed a method to determine the chemical composition of liquids seized by police and suspected to be explosive. Some of the samples analysed contained substances hazardous to health, such as methanol and boric acid. Each year police forces seize tonnes of pyrotechnic substances which, in principle, are for indoor firework manufacturing (i.e. flares or those used in artistic or sporting events), but which also may...

2011-08-18 12:05:00

JERUSALEM, Aug. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- IDenta Corp. (PINKSHEETS: IDTA) CEO Yaacov Shoham today announced the following information. Mr. Shoham stated, "IDenta Alert explosive detectors were recently used to test and identify residue from a recent terror attack in an Asian country that involved deaths and a great amount of damage. "Federal intelligence officers have brought to a meeting with IDenta's representative in the same country, remains from the blast area. They performed three...

2011-08-11 12:11:52

A revolutionary material that will replace steel in warhead casings will bring added lethality and increase the likelihood of a hit on an enemy target, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) announced August 10. By combining several metals with standard manufacturing techniques, High-Density Reactive Material (HDRM) has the potential to dramatically increase the explosive impact of most weapons with little or no compromise in strength or design. Unlike conventional munitions, the innovative...

2011-05-21 00:01:23

The first few months of 2011 have brought with them some significant milestones for Orica Watercare, including the commissioning of the largest High Rate MIEX® System and Orica Watercare's expansion into the Chinese market, where contracts have been secured for China's first two MIEX® Treatment systems. Watkins, Colorado (PRWEB) May 19, 2011 The first few months of 2011 have brought with them some significant milestones for Orica Watercare, including the commissioning of the largest...

2011-05-10 06:25:00

Researchers at MIT have created a new type of sensor that could bring homeland security to a new level. The researchers, lead by Charles and Hilda Roddey Career Development Associate Professor of Chemical Engineer Michael Strano, developed a detector that is capable of picking up a single molecule of an explosive material. Chemical engineers used one-atom-thick hollow cylinders made of pure carbon to create the sensors.  These detectors are more sensitive than explosive sensors...

2011-03-31 06:58:00

WORCESTER, Mass., March 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MMMW) is pleased to announce that the Company can begin trading again on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). Mass Megawatts is a fully compliant SEC reporting company as required for its listing on the OTCBB. In an unrelated development, Mass Megawatts discloses a new patent pending innovation not directly related to its core business of wind power. In an analysis of wind...

2011-02-25 06:59:00

SCARBOROUGH, England, February 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CorDEX Instruments, manufacturer of explosion proof equipment, has won a national technical innovation award for a new handheld distance measuring tool that can be used safely offshore. The LaserMETER 3000XP received the Technical Innovation of the Year prize in the annual HazardEx awards in Harrogate, Yorkshire. The revolutionary new tool is the first measuring device to be certified for use in explosive areas, making it...

2010-10-22 01:45:15

Over the past decade, Christine Mahoney and a team of scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Maryland have been working to stop the threat of terrorist-based attacks in the form of explosives or explosive-based devices, by providing a sound measurement and standard infrastructure. "Our program encompasses many different aspects of explosives research, from development of measurement standards for trace explosives detection at airports, to the development...

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2010-09-29 16:59:34

Dynamite, invented by Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel in 1867, is an explosive that harnesses the potential of nitroglycerin to explode. Normally it is sold in an 8 inch long stick and weighs about .6 pounds although other sizes do exist. TNT is usually the standard by which explosive power is gauged; however, dynamite actually has more than 60% greater energy density than TNT. Nitroglycerin dissolved in nitrocellulose and a small amount of ketone can form another type of dynamite. This type...

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