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2008-06-08 16:34:05

HOUSTON — Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) tested a new Japanese robotic arm for the first time Saturday as they passed the halfway mark of their two-week construction flight. "The week has gone way too fast," Discovery shuttle astronaut Karen Nyberg said in a series of televised interviews. NASA's space shuttle Discovery launched toward the station on May 31 to deliver Japan's $1 billion Kibo science laboratory, a tour bus-sized module that sports...

2008-06-08 05:12:38

HOUSTON — Two astronauts will step outside the International Space Station (ISS) Sunday to pay a service call on the orbiting lab's cooling system. Discovery shuttle astronauts Mike Fossum and Ron Garan are slated to begin their spacewalk at about 10:32 a.m.

2008-06-06 17:40:51

HOUSTON — The International Space Station's (ISS) giant Japanese laboratory got a second room Friday after astronauts attached its attic-like storage room.

2008-06-06 11:02:39

On Thursday, two spacewalking astronauts serviced the exterior of Japan’s brand new orbital lab while crewmates aboard the International Space Station filled its inside with hardware.

2008-06-05 07:40:08

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2008-06-05 07:40:08

Armstrong and Buzz are in space again, though they aren't the Apollo astronauts who made history walking on the Moon. Rather, cyclist Lance Armstrong and 'space ranger' Buzz Lightyear are sharing space aboard shuttle Discovery, now docked to the International Space Station.

2008-06-05 00:40:00

Astronauts aboard the international space station floated into their newest room Wednesday — a $1 billion Japanese science compartment — and rejoiced over the repair of their broken Russian toilet.

2008-06-04 01:38:38

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2008-06-04 00:10:00

Discovery's astronauts, working inside and outside the international space station, pulled Japan's $1 billion science module from the shuttle's cargo bay with a robot arm Tuesday and gave the bus-sized laboratory a new home.

2008-06-02 09:55:00

The spacesuits the astronauts wear during launch and landing are examples of high-tech clothing designed to hold communications equipment, oxygen tanks, parachutes and enough water for a day. All while keeping the wearer cool.

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2012-03-24 10:11:14

This was the first flight of Endeavour. Endeavour launched on May 7, 1992 at 7:40 PM EDT and Landed at Edwards AFB on May 16 at 1:57 PM PDT. The shuttle orbited 141 times at an inclination of 28.35 degrees at an altitude of 195 nautical miles. The mission lasted 8 days, 21 hours, 17 minutes, and 38 seconds. A satellite was moved to a corrected orbit using three spacewalks. A fourth spacewalk was conducted as practice for assembling Space Station Freedom. The INTELSAT VI (F-3) satellite,...

2011-04-11 13:06:23

Chris Cassidy Chris Cassidy is a NASA astronaut and a Navy SEAL. He was born Christopher John Cassidy on January 4, 1970 in Salem, Massachusetts. He graduated from York High School, in York, Maine, and then subsequently also graduated from the Naval Academy Prep School in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1989. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1993 and a Master's degree in Ocean engineering from MIT in 2000. Cassidy graduated from BUD/S Class 192,...

2010-11-17 14:09:40

Aleksandr Kaleri is a Russian cosmonaut and veteran of extended stays on the Mir Space Station and the International Space Station. He was born Aleksandr Yuriyevich Kaleri on May 13, 1956 in Russia. In 1979, Kaleri graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as a specialist in Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control. After his graduation, he was hired by the Energia Corporation and began his work on the Mir space station, helping with the development of design and engineering...

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