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Blood Vessels Reorganize Themselves After Face Transplantation Surgery
2013-12-04 12:19:55

Radiological Society of North America For the first time, researchers have found that the blood vessels in face transplant recipients reorganize themselves, leading to an understanding of the biologic changes that happen after full face transplantation. The results of this study were presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Face transplantation is a recent development in reconstructive surgery for patients who have lost some or all of...

Man Recovering Well After Full-face Transplant
2012-03-28 11:13:02

Brett Smith for Redorbit.com In what can be described as a scenario straight out of a Hollywood movie, hospital officials report that Richard Lee Norris, of Hillsville, Va., is recovering well after a 36-hour full-face transplant surgery that not only gave him a new appearance, but also functioning teeth, tongue, and a new set of jaws. Eduardo Rodriguez, the lead surgeon for the operation, said he hoped the transplant would give Norris his life back after living for years as a recluse....

2012-03-28 01:00:05

The University of Maryland released details today of the most extensive full face transplant completed to date, including both jaws, teeth, and tongue. The 36-hour operation occurred on March 19-20, 2012 at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center and involved a multi-disciplinary team of faculty physicians from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and a team of over 150 nurses and professional staff. The face transplant, formally called...

2012-02-14 08:00:00

Advanced brain tumor treatment is now available and offers a minimally-invasive surgical option to traditional brain radiation and chemotherapy Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) February 14, 2012 Cleveland Clinic´s Rose Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center announces the availability of AutoLITT advanced laser technology treatment for brain tumors. AutoLITT now offers patients with previously inoperable brain tumors, such as glioblastomas, a minimally invasive surgical treatment...

Study Gives An Inside Look At Face Transplantation
2011-12-29 11:27:04

Face transplantation, a procedure popularized in fiction, most notably from the movie Face Off, starring Nicholas Cage and John Travolta, is now reality, thanks to researchers at Brigham and Women´s Hospital (BWH) in Boston, who have successfully performed three such operations this year. The details of the three groundbreaking full facial transplants (FFTs) were released in a research article published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. A surgical team at BWH...

2011-11-30 06:53:45

(Ivanhoe Newswire) — Victims of serious facial injuries can now be more hopeful than ever because of 3-D imaging that, when combined with conventional medical imaging, can successfully aid in transplanting the human face. Devastating injuries or defects of the face are extremely challenging, if not impossible, to satisfactorily reconstruct by traditional surgical techniques. In face transplantation, facial tissue from a donor is transferred to reconstruct the defect, restore...

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