Latest Facial recognition system Stories

Accuracy Of Face Identification Is In The Eye And Brain Of The Beholder
2013-07-24 09:09:16

University of California - Santa Barbara Though humans generally have a tendency to look at a region just below the eyes and above the nose toward the midline when first identifying another person, a small subset of people tend to look further down -- at the tip of the nose, for instance, or at the mouth. However, as UC Santa Barbara researchers Miguel Eckstein and Matthew Peterson recently discovered, "nose lookers" and "mouth lookers" can do just as well as everyone else when it comes to...

Designing Better Biometric Identification Systems
2013-07-17 05:03:41

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Personal experience and preferences may help explain why fingerprint, eye- and face-recognition technologies have not yet replaced traditional passwords, University of Washington researchers reported on Tuesday in one of the first studies to examine the issue of authentication preferences. Despite their inefficiencies, passwords are still the most common electronic authentication system in use today, protecting everything from our...

2013-07-16 23:29:48

Vision-Box® deployed its innovative video surveillance system at the Arena Castelão Stadium that will allow monitoring and control of the entire arena and surrounding area. São Paulo (PRWEB) July 16, 2013 The solution included the installation of over 250 IP surveillance cameras, distributed throughout the arena, operated by the authorities through the Vision-Box Video Management System SentrySpider®, with integration to the Building Management System (BMS) and the...

2013-07-11 16:20:39

Automated thermal face recognition based on minutiae extraction Forget fingerprints or iris recognition, the next big thing in biometrics will be a thermal imaging scan that maps the blood vessels under the skin of your face for instantaneous face recognition that would be almost impossible to spoof. Writing in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies, a team at Jadavpur University in Kolkata, India, explains how the pattern of blood vessels...

2013-06-24 23:22:23

A new website introduces an easy way for people to track down pictures of themselves online. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 24, 2013 Scramble Face is a newly launched website created by VersusMedia. This new website makes better use of advanced face recognition technology and crafted it into an online tool that helps people track photos of themselves online. The proliferation of personal photos online is one of the major causes of trouble in the cyber world. Known as a major threat to...

Facial Expressions Could Be Google's New Password Plan
2013-06-07 09:31:26

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Google has filed a patent application for a new facial recognition technology that lets users unlock the screens of their Android phones and tablets with facial expressions. The patent was filed last June, but has only now been published. The document suggests users might simply stick out their tongue, or wrinkle their nose, in place of typing in a password to unlock their devices. Requiring specific gestures could also prevent...

Google Bans Facial Recognition In Glass Apps For Now
2013-06-03 10:45:32

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online As it stands, Google Glass is facing enough hurdles and obstacles as it heads towards public availability. Many have wondered how many people will be willing to pay $1,500 for a pair of glasses that have been described as “geeky” by many reviewers and lookers-on. Making matters worse is the potential of these spectacles, such as recording point-of-view video with little outward evidence and the ability to take a...

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