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2006-08-18 02:35:00

TOKYO (Reuters) - The current heat wave will continue in many areas of Japan for at least another week from Saturday, and then start cooling down, the official forecaster said on Friday. The Japan Meteorological Agency forecast that all regions will have hot weather next week similar to this week, with temperatures rising above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). Temperatures will then ease in line with the seasonal average for August recorded from 1971 to 2000. The weather has been warmer...

2006-08-01 12:20:00

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Parts of eastern United States prepared on Tuesday for a potentially deadly heatwave with the mercury forecast to top 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) but power grid operators assured demand could be met. The heatwave is moving across the country from California, which has just suffered through more than two consecutive weeks of triple-digit temperatures that killed at least 126 people and caused power failures. Meteorologists also forecast 100 degrees Fahrenheit in...

2006-07-19 07:50:00

By Tim Castle LONDON -- Authorities scrambled to save lives in a heatwave in northern Europe on Wednesday, hoping to avoid a repeat of the hot weather in 2003 that killed 15,000 people in France and 2,000 in Britain. In France, an 85-year-old man admitted to hospital and an 81-year-old woman found dead in her home were the first people believed to have died there because of the heat. "We must be vigilant and still more vigilant," said Health Minister Xavier Bertrand. "And pay more attention...

2006-07-12 08:40:00

If you think dinosaurs are hot today, just think back to about 110 million years ago when they really ran hot and heavy. One of the larger animals, a behemoth called Sauroposeidon proteles, weighed close to 120,000 pounds as an adult. Now, a new study led by the University of Florida suggests it may have had a body temperature close to 48 degrees Celsius. That is a 118-degree Fahrenheit normal temperature, about as hot as most living creatures can get before the proteins in their bodies...

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