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2013-11-28 23:02:43

Kestrel AU, the leading provider of portable commercial-grade weather meters for farmers, outdoorsmen, HVAC technicians, emergency crews, and hunters in Australia, has just released a personal

2013-11-09 23:03:12

Weather Meter Carrying Cases for Kestrel wind meters are now available at KestrelMeters.com, the leading online retailer of Kestrel weather meters recently announced.

2013-10-19 23:01:58

Kestrel AU, the leading provider of portable commercial-grade weather meters for farmers, hunters, HVAC technicians, emergency crews, and outdoorsmen in Australia, has just released a personal

2013-04-07 23:02:52

Kestrel Meters has launched a new Google+ page designed for outdoor enthusiasts, sports professionals and others who rely on accurate atmospheric data for work or for play. (PRWEB)

2013-01-01 05:01:44

A new weather instruments comparison chart from KestrelMeters.com makes it easy to quickly compare the most popular handheld meters available. (PRWEB) December

Scientists Decode Genomic Sequences Of Two Iconic Falconry Birds
2011-12-17 04:31:34

The complete genomes for birds of prey provide new insight into the evolution of falcon and opportunity for future conservation.

2011-11-07 08:00:00

Kestrelmeters.com recently added the Kestrel 4300 Construction Weather Tracker to the site's inventory of handheld weather meters. Birmingham, MI (PRWEB)

2009-10-17 08:40:35

Satellite tracking has allowed a research team to uncover the mysteries of the migration of Eleanora's falcon for the first time.

Latest Falcons Reference Libraries

Barred Forest Falcon, Micrastur ruficollis
2012-10-22 17:28:40

The Barred Forest Falcon (Micrastur ruficollis) is a bird of prey species in the Falconidae family including falcons, caracaras and their relatives. They occur throughout most of tropical and subtropical Latin America, except the Pacific coast off of South America, Northern and western Mexico and the Antilles. Most of the adult subspecies are usually dark grey, with a white tipped tail that has three to six narrow white bars and a pale grey throat shading up into the dark grey head. The under...

Aplomado Falcon, Falco femoralis
2012-04-02 18:41:50

The Aplomado Falcon, (Falco femoralis), is a species of bird of prey of Central and South America. It is found from Northern Mexico and Trinidad to southern South America, although it has been exterminated in many areas of its range, including almost all of northern and central Mexico. Its widest range is found in South America, except for the deep interior of the Amazon Basin. Its habitat is dry grassland, savannah, and marshland. Until the early 1950s, the Aplomado Falcon was found in...

Bat Falcon, Falco rufigularis
2012-04-02 16:35:00

The Bat Falcon, (Falco rufigularis), is a species of bird of prey found in Mexico, Central and South America and Trinidad. It was formerly known as Falco albigularis. Its habitats are open woodlands and forest clearings. The adult female Bat Falcon measures 12 inches in length while the male is smaller, at 9 inches. The adult has a black back, head and tail. The throat, upper breast and neck sides are creamy white, the lower breast and belly is black, finely barred white, and the thighs...

2008-05-02 01:21:50

The Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni), is a small falcon. This species breeds from the Mediterranean across southern central Asia to China and Bangladesh. It is a summer migrant, wintering in Africa and Pakistan. It is rare north of its breeding range, and declining in its European range. The scientific name of this bird commemorates the German naturalist Johann Andreas Naumann. It is a small bird of prey, 10.5 to 13 inches in length with a wingspan of about 27 inches. It looks very much...

2008-05-02 01:19:49

The Australian or Nankeen Kestrel (Falco cenchroides), is a very common and easily-seen raptor and is found in Australia, New Guinea, and nearby islands, and is an irregular visitor to New Zealand. It occupies any type of land that is not too densely vegetated, but in particular temperate grasslands and open woodlands. In the tropical north and the sandy deserts of the west, it has a patchy and seasonal distribution. Like many Australian birds, it has no clear migratory pattern. In the...

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