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2012-09-21 23:00:18

There have recently been some major strides made in understanding what predisposes individuals to developing Alzheimer´s and the findings suggest that head trauma may be one link. The Journal of Neuroscience recently published a study that linked a single occurrence of traumatic brain injury with significantly raising an individual´s chance of having Alzheimer´s. The Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys at Console & Hollawell believe these findings will greatly benefit...

Elderly Falls Could Be Prevented By Magic Carpet
2012-09-04 10:19:09

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online The ability to detect changes in an elderly person´s gait could be important in preventing dangerous trips and falls that can severely impact their health and quality of life. Using plastic optical fibers on the underlay of a carpet, researchers have developed just such an ability in what´s being called a ℠magic carpet´. An interdisciplinary team from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom will...

2012-09-03 11:00:56

Taking a fall in older life can not only result in injury, but also a potentially debilitating loss of confidence. But new guidelines for physiotherapists, co-compiled by a leading academic in the field from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD), University of Exeter, aim to refresh out-dated guidelines and introduce better direction for physiotherapists who work with elderly people at risk of falling. As we get older our risk of falling increases, regardless of...

2012-03-02 05:54:31

(Ivanhoe Newswire)-- Maybe you've tripped over a rock or slipped on a wet surface, we've all fallen but did you know that now hearing loss may be what is causing those falls? By discovering the link between hearing loss and falls, researchers could develop new ways to prevent falls, especially in the elderly, as well as the injuries that are caused by falling. Not only will preventing these injuries save the pain associated with them but they could also save billions in health care costs...

2012-02-22 17:05:00

Personal Injury Raleigh NC is a new Raleigh-based organization dedicated to preventing, understanding, and effectively coping with personal injuries. Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) February 22, 2012 Wake County residents, rejoice — there's a new, modern, consolidated, and reliable source of information on North Carolina personal injury treatment, physical therapy recommendations, injury statistics, and more available at http://personalinjuryraleighnc.org. Personal Injury Raleigh NC is an...

2011-09-19 07:00:00

Falls among the elderly are a serious concern. This month, the National Council on Aging is bringing awareness to this issue as National Fall Prevention Awareness Day takes place on September 23rd. To help empower those impacted to address this health concern, Lifefone is offering a fall prevention guide entitled, FALLS: WHY THEY HAPPEN AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT THEM. This guide provides you with essential information to help you understand the causes, risks and steps you can take to minimize...

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