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2007-04-10 16:02:02

A Shubunkin is a type of single-tailed goldfish with calico coloration, a combination of orange, white, black, red, and blue markings, blue being the most desired. They are similar to the common goldfish and the comet goldfish. Also called speckled goldfish, harlequin goldfish, calico goldfish, and coronation fish, they were developed in Japan about a hundred years ago by crossing calico...

Fantail goldfish
2007-04-10 14:06:21

A Fantail goldfish is a standard "fancy" type of goldfish. It has a dual-lobed tail, unlike its cousin the common or comet. Its fins can be different sizes, ranging from 1-3 in or more in length. A typical fantail has paired fins, including anal fins, a single dorsal fin, and a round, pointed body shape. It can range in color, from bronze (known as chocolate), orange, red, calico, and mixes...

Calico goldfish
2007-04-10 13:55:25

Calico is a color pattern that can occur in many breeds of domesticated goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus). Calico goldfish are usually the following color combinations: red, orange, black, grey, and/or white. This coloration can cover the scales and fins of a goldfish partially or entirely. The color black usually occur in splotches on calico goldfish. Shubunkin, a calico-only breed, is...

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