Latest FASEB Journal Stories

2009-09-11 07:12:06

New, long-range research in the FASEB Journal shows that large abdominal fat cells and/or waist-to-height ratios are key indicators of future diabetes When it comes to assessing risk for type 2 diabetes, not only do waistlines matter to women, but so does the size of their fat cells. This new discovery by a team of Swedish researchers was just published online in the FASEB Journal and helps explain why some women of normal weight develop type 2 diabetes, despite not having any known risk...

2009-03-05 08:08:16

New article in the FASEB Journal shows that a gene in the 'dirty rat' holds a secret for the renewed war on cancerIf someone ever calls you a "dirty rat," consider it a compliment. A new discovery published online in the FASEB Journal (http://www.fasebj.org) shows that cellular mechanisms used by the blind mole rat to survive the very low oxygen environment of its subterranean niche are the same as those that tumors use to thrive deep in our tissues. The net effect of this discovery is...

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