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2013-05-22 23:26:01

Paper Published in the International Journal of General Medicine on Chronic Lyme Disease Park Ridge, IL (PRWEB) May 22, 2013 May, 2013 — “Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease in the country,” says Dr. Keith Berndtson of Park Ridge MultiMed, “and it presents a challenge to doctors because there is still no definitive answer to the question of whether the chronic illness that afflicts some Lyme patients is due to the aftereffects of...

2013-05-15 23:33:47

Study Author Dr. Keith Berndtson Establishes Need for Development of New Guidelines for Treating Persistent Infection Park Ridge, IL (PRWEB) May 15, 2013 According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the 30,000-40,000 cases of Lyme disease officially recorded each year from 2008-2011 represent only 10% of actual incidences of the disease. “Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease in the country,” says Dr. Keith Berndtson of...

Developing A Way To Detect Early Signs Of Fatigue
2013-03-29 13:05:19

ESA Like astronauts, heavy-equipment operators in remote mines can benefit from long-distance monitoring using space technology. An ESA spin-off company has raised safety for dozens of drivers at the El Brocal mine in Peru by predicting their fatigue. In far-flung mining operations around the world, drivers typically work 12-hour shifts, driving trucks and loaders of 160—180 tonnes — the size of a small apartment block. Combine the grueling schedule with even a small...

2013-03-21 10:11:04

Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) have found what they say is evidence that veterans who suffer from "Gulf War Illness" have physical changes in their brains not seen in unaffected individuals. Brain scans of 31 veterans with the illness, compared to 20 control subjects, revealed anomalies in the bundles of nerve fibers that connect brain areas involved in the processing and perception of pain and fatigue. The discovery, published online March 20 in PLOS ONE, could...

2013-03-10 23:01:33

The http://www.SclerosisTreatment.com website, a division of Ironclad Integrity Ltd., reveals a new therapy based on plants, vitamins and correct nutrition to reduce fatigue, pain and other MS symptoms instead of drug intake. Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) March 10, 2013 According to http://www.Sclerosistreatment.com for the 2.5 million MS patients worldwide, the lack of a permanent cure for their condition is frustrating and puzzling. Conventional therapies to treat Multiple Sclerosis are based...

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2005-05-26 12:07:27

Beryllium is the chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Be and atomic number 4. A toxic bivalent element, beryllium is a steel grey, strong, light-weight yet brittle, alkaline earth metal, that is primarily used as a hardening agent in alloys (most notably, beryllium copper). Notable characteristics Beryllium has one of the highest melting points of the light metals. The modulus of elasticity of beryllium is approximately 1/3 greater than that of steel. It has...

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