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2009-09-22 13:11:50

Canadian scientists say they have discovered brown grizzly bears are feeding on migrating broad whitefish in a Northwest Territories stream. Scientists from the University of Alberta say the discovery in the Mackenzie Delta region of the Northwest Territories has researchers advising increased care in petroleum extraction and infrastructure development within the area. Oliver Barker and Andrew Derocher, who led the study, said they observed at least one brown bear engaged in the unusual...

2009-09-22 13:46:49

Researchers call on developers in Mackenzie Delta to exercise caution The discovery of brown (grizzly) bears feeding on migrating broad whitefish in a stream in Mackenzie Delta region of the Northwest Territories has researchers advising increased care in petroleum extraction and infrastructure development within the area. In a paper published in the September issue of the journal Arctic, Oliver Barker and Andrew Derocher from the University of Alberta report seeing at least one brown bear...

2006-08-30 11:48:09

By James Mackenzie PARIS (Reuters) - The apparently accidental death of a bear in the Pyrenees has reopened a bitter row between mountain farmers and environmentalists over whether bears should ever have been reintroduced to the region. One of five Slovenian bears released this spring in a government project, 4 year-old Palouma was found dead last week after what an autopsy found to be a fall from a cliff. The incident sparked suggestions she may have been deliberately driven to her...

2006-08-27 12:56:38

PARIS (Reuters) - A Slovenian brown bear, one of five released in the French Pyrenees earlier this year, has been found dead at the foot of a cliff after an apparent accident, authorities said on Sunday. The animals were let loose under a pan-European programme designed to help species in danger of extinction. The dead bear, named Palouma, was the first of the group to be released in the mountain range stradding the border between France and Spain. Farmers who feared the bears might...

2006-07-19 15:00:00

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Only a lucky few are allowed each summer to get up close and personal with the McNeil River bears, but now they have a much bigger audience thanks to a remote camera trained on their every move. In something akin to the "Big Brother" reality television show, the camera pans the falls where the bears gather to brawl over salmon, cool off in the falls, sunbathe on the rocks and fatten up for the long, Alaska winter. The 114,400-acre McNeil River State Game Sanctuary in a...

2006-04-27 12:28:59

PARIS -- Somewhere in the mountains and forests of the French Pyrenees, to sheep farmers' chagrin, a little bear far from home is getting used to new surroundings. Named "Palouma," which means "dove" in the local Occitan dialect, the bear was captured in Slovenia and released by French environmental officials Tuesday night, despite farmers' protests. She is the first of five being released to repopulate the bear population. Noisy demonstrations by 50 shepherds, dozens of local elected...

2006-04-26 07:30:00

PARIS -- France has imported a female brown bear from Slovenia and released it into the Pyrenees despite opposition from local farmers to try and build up the dwindling bear population. "Palouma," as the bear is called, was released on Tuesday night, 24 hours after it was captured in Slovenia and transported to France in a small truck. It was the first of five bears due to be set free before June 15 in the mountains that divide France and Spain as part of a plan to boost numbers. Between 14...

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2007-08-14 13:42:24

The Barbastelle (Barbastella barbastellus), also known as the Western Barbastelle, is a European bat. It has a short nose, small eyes and wide ears. It is rare throughout its range. In Britain, only three breeding roosts are known, including Paston Great Barn in Norfolk. The Barbastelle has two main call types used for echolocation. The frequency parameters of call type 1 lie between 30-38 kHz, have most energy at 33 kHz and have an average duration of 2.5 ms.[1] The frequency parameters...

2007-01-10 12:11:19

The long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus) is a species of hedgehog native to Central Asian countries and the Caucasus Mountains. It is smaller than the West European Hedgehog. It weighs at most 17.64 oz (500 g), and is much faster. It is less likely to cuddle when approached by predators and will most likely try and outrun or leap at predators with their relatively short needles. Due to its lifestyle, it has less needle protection and shorter needles. The long-eared hedgehog uses grass...

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