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Facebook Shares Slip On Day 2 Of Trading
2012-05-21 14:22:36

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Following what may have been the most anticipated IPO in recent memory, Facebook shares have sunk nearly 13% as of this writing on Monday, May 21. Sinking so low on just the second day of trading is not only embarrassing for the social networking company, it could also keep would-be investors away from bolstering the stock. As stocks traded around $36 during pre-market, it might be hard for CEO Mark Zuckerberg to enjoy any honeymoon he might be taking...

Facebook Goes Public, Finally
2012-05-18 12:02:35

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Well, it´s finally happened. Facebook is now a publicly traded company. At the time of this writing, shares of FB are going for around $40. At opening, Facebook shares were valued at $38 and are expected to earn the social media giant $18.4 billion. According to CNBC, an estimated 82 million shares were traded in the first 30 seconds, a testament to the high-levels of anticipation that has been building up over the past few months. After FB´s...

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